Did SpaceX satellite's live broadcast capture UFO in Earth's orbit?

A UFO expert claims to have spotted what appears to be a mysterious object flying past the SpaceX satellite during a live broadcast

If a global pandemic wasn't enough, now we have to deal with a new threat, one that originates from a different world. A new discovery by an expert seems to solidify the theory that we are, in fact, not alone.

SpaceX satellite broadcast captures UFO

New video from a SpaceX satellite live stream, which was broadcasted on March 18, 2020, seems to have captured what appears to be an unidentified flying object (UFO) in Earth's orbit during a live broadcast. Alien life and UFO expert Scott Waring of ETDatabase went through the footage after receiving a tip from a friend who noticed it and shared it on his website.

SpaceX UFO
A screen grab from the SpaceX Satellite live stream. YouTube / ET Data Base

Although Waring says he spotted two UFOs in the clip, only one can be seen clearly in the video. The footage (shared below) shows the strange silver flying object appearing out of nowhere at around the 1:09 minute-mark and whizzing past the SpaceX satellite in the blink of an eye. You might miss it at first glance so the clip has been slowed down enough for you to be able to see the supposed alien aircraft.

"Guys this was live streamed on March 18th and was reported to me by a friend on Facebook who noticed it," he wrote in a blog post on his website. "I went back to the original SpaceX live stream video and checked it out and yes it was there. There seems to be two of them within a 20 seconds, but the closer one is easier to see. Its detail is like a silver bowl...its domes on top and bottom are huge and fat, the side disk edges are small and thin."

Return of the Shuttle Atlantis UFO?

According to Waring, the UFO is similar to the alien spacecraft he spotted flying near the Atlantis Space Shuttle in one of NASA's photos earlier this year. The self-styled expert was going through the agency's Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth collection when he came across a photo that shows what he claims to be a UFO disk. The image was captured during the STS-61B mission of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

STS-61B served as the 23rd Space Shuttle mission and was officially launched on Nov. 26, 1985, with the objective of deploying communication satellites in space.

Shuttle Atlantis UFO
The photo that caught Waring’s attention was taken during the STS-61B mission of the Space Shuttle Atlantis. NASA

As visible in the photo above, you can see a circular disk hovering in Earth's orbit. Zooming in on the photo reveals the object's perfectly circular form with a dome-like feature at its center. In NASA's image, the object has been labeled as a satellite, which is in line with the mission's objective.

However, Waring believes the object has been mistakenly identified by NASA as he has found other UFOs in the same archive such as 2011's viral Black Knight Satellites that were also wrongly labeled by the agency.

YouTube / ET Data Base
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