Did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle give hints for their engagement?

Body language expert said that it is possible that Prince Harry might have proposed American actress Meghan Markle

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Prince Harry might have proposed Meghan Reuters

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have given some clues about their engagement at the Invictus Games, Monday. One body language expert said that they might go for an engagement shopping.

The rumors arose when Harry and the American actress were found together, holding hands and walking to the stadium for a wheelchair tennis match, Monday.

According to Daily Star Online, Judi James, a body language expert, said that their body language somehow showed that Harry has already proposed his girlfriend Markle.

"Harry might not have dropped down on one knee to propose to Meghan on stage at the Invictus Games but her body language signals dropped several big hints that these two are a serious item," Judi said.

"With all the fever-pitch speculation about these two Harry's response was very emphatic. He chose the biggest, most public event in this year and appeared not only with Meghan but also holding her hand," she continued.

"This body language might look normal but that's exactly why it is so telling in terms of a ring appearing on her finger shortly. The Royals don't do 'normal'. William and Kate barely if ever touch in public so as an intentional gesture of a possible engagement this has to be an emphatic clue," Judi further added.

Although during the opening ceremony in Toronto, both love-birds sat apart, Judi said that it was nothing to bother about.

"Meghan's body language signals dropped several big hints on the night that these two are a serious item and might currently be off shopping for rings," she said to Daily Star Online.

"First is the fact that Meghan was there at all. Even the very slightest risk that she might upstage the athletes would normally lead to a royal date being asked to lurk out of sight backstage.

"Instead Meghan was well within snapping distance from her prince which might not sound too romantic or intimate, but in royal terms, it was a very obvious stoking the fires in terms of press and public speculation," the body-language expert added.

"Harry's nouveau-alpha body language – when he wasn't performing some cute anxiety rituals with his hands (a trait normally only used by his father and older brother) – was strutting around the stage pointing his finger at the athletes in the sort of super-macho style a guy will normally only use when trying to impress his date."

"It made me wonder if he'd continue the strutting mating rituals after the show by flipping beer mats at the bar and throwing peanuts in the air and catching them in his mouth!" Daily Star Online source said in an exclusive interview.

The body language expert Judi also said, "Meghan's acting credentials mean she can perform a wide smile and wide-eyed combo that blends excitement, love and pride all in the one expression."

"It might be over-congruent to the point of an exaggeration but it was perfect for a night as big as that. Her clapping involved her hands being held high enough to make a point of the currently bare ring finger and it was telling that Harry seemed to mirror this trait with his own clapping style," she also mentioned.

"One of the biggest bonding signals from his brother William and future wife Kate used during their engagement was a tendency to wave in the same way and smile in the same way.

"Small details like that can define a close couple more than proper PDAs and with Harry and Meghan these mirroring signals do look intense, even with a few rows of seats between them," Judie concluded.