Did Pete Campbell Deserve to be MasterChef 13 Winner More than Justin Narayan? Here's What Fans Say

Pete Campbell has lost the MasterChef season 13 title to Justin Narayan in the grand finale held on Tuesday, 14 July. The former, who was the hot favourite to emerge victorious in the competition, was defeated by the latter by just a margin of a single point on 10 and 10 play.

Pete Campbell
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Points and Prize Money
Thus disappointing the fans of Pete Campbell who feels he deserved to win the trophy more than Justin Narayan. Pete Campbell's score after the first and second rounds stood at 53 while Kishwar Chowdhury and Justin Narayan's points stood at 51 and 50.

After the final challenge, Justin Narayan's score stood at 125 while the runner-up Pete Campbell's points stood at 124. The former won the title with a cash prize of $250,000 while the latter was awarded $30,000 and Kishwar Chowdhury ended up getting $20,000.

I Definitely Exceeded My Expectations
Nonetheless, Pete was happy to have crowned the runner-up title as he never expected to reach till here. "I could not be happier. I definitely exceeded my expectations of how I would perform and what I learned about myself — as a cook but more so as a person, persevering through those challenges — and it's definitely what I wanted to get out of it," 10play quotes him as saying.

He added, "To be able to pass on a good lesson or example and have advice for my daughters as they grow up... I didn't expect to learn so much about myself, and I think that's what I'm happiest with,"

Throughout the season he had impressed the judges with his signature fine-dining flare and people were fond of his conceptual and artistic plating. Yet he failed to lift the trophy, disappointing his fans, who feel he deserved to lift the trophy more than Justin.

Fans Reaction
The fans have vented out their disappointment on Twitter. Check out some of their reaction:

rebeliciouss: it was leaked weeks ago... Justin did really well on last day but he did NOT deserve to win. Pete deserved to win. Ok bye #MasterChefAU

253CindyC : I think that if they are going to insist on pressure tests as the final cook to determine the winner, they need to be judged blindly!!! I'm tired of the judges playing favorites in their scoring and ruining the show... we the viewers deserve authenticity.

julian brown: Switching off. Justin doesn't deserve to beat Pete. #MasterChefAU
He didn't even win a round with his own food!

naima: ok honestly Justin really does deserve to win #MasterChefAU

sweet_chillly: #justin you are the most patient one you deserve to win #MasterChefAU


Laso Isha: Though I should support more kishwar but Pete deserve the titleStar-struck But I love the way how Justin cooks...
Give the title to all three... Best season of #MasterChefAU
Lots of Red heartRed heartRed heart #Kishwar from Flag of India