Did Minecraft YouTuber Dream Commit Suicide After Being Doxxed by Fans?

Rumours of the YouTuber's death started circulating on social media a day after he was allegedly doxxed by fans.

Rumors of YouTube and Twitch streamer Dream's death started circulating on Twitter a day after he had his personal details leaked on social media.

Dream is best known for his Minecraft speedrun videos and challenges and his YouTube channels have a combined total of nearly 20 million subscribers and over 1.47 billion views.

Dream's Address Leaked on Social Media

Dream Twitter

The Youtuber has never revealed his face to the public and it is usually obscured by a smiley face but a few days ago, some of Dream's fans allegedly managed to track down his address based on a picture he shared on social media.

After Dream posted a photo of his kitchen on Twitter, some fans were able to use the online real estate marketplace Zillow to find the location of his residence, according to Dexerto. The kitchen photo has since been deleted and the account that originally released the information has been deactivated.

Some of Dream's fans have claimed that the doxxing was not real or was inaccurate, saying that the creator's identity and personal information are still safe, though none of the details have been confirmed.

#RIPDream Trends on Twitter

After the doxxing incident, the hashtag #RIPDream started trending on Twitter claiming the streamer had passed away. There were even few reports claiming that the gamer had committed suicide after his address was leaked online.

Here are some of the tweets:

However, these claims were found to be false. Shortly after rumors of his death started circulating on the platform, Dream joked about his "death" by posting a tweet from his personal account and assuring fans that he is all right.

"Can't believe Dream died." he tweeted, with a follow up, "(this is sarcastic)."

His fans then repurposed the hashtag to play along with the joke with some claiming fellow Minecraft YouTuber Sapnap was the one who killed him.

So if you're a Dream fan, you have nothing to worry about. The content creator is not only alive but he also does not seem to be particularly worried about the alleged doxxing incident.