Did MGK's Tongue Twist With Meghan Fox in Steamy Video Lead to Break-Up with Sommer Ray?

Ever wondered why Sommer Ray is now opening up about the way her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly ended last year? Well, it seems she couldn't handle her ex's tongue twister with Meghan Fox, who is the vamp in Sommer Ray's love affair. Ray, 24, claimed that her ex-boyfriend Machine Gun started dating 'Midnight in the Switchgrass' co-star Megan Fox while they were still together. MGK and Meghan shared a French kiss and showed off their steamy romance in their music video collaboration last year leaving Sommer Ray jealous.

In the latest Logan Paul's podcast this week, the Instagram model said that she doesn't blame Machine Gun Kelly for cheating on her with Megan Fox as she would have probably done the same. She said that when she asked him why he didn't invite her to the music video he gave reasons for COVID restrictions. The fitness-obsessed TikToker said, "And then that music video came out and I was like, "Oh."'

MGK and Fox's lip-synching video directed by Michael Garcia garnered 70 million views since its premiere. Sommer said: "I'd probably do the same thing. Like I'd cheat on Colson with Megan Fox like if it was the other way around I probably would be doing this".

Sommer Ray
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She also revealed that she waited in the hotel the whole time when he was filming with Fox. She wasn't thinking anything of it as she thought Meghan Fox was older than him and was married with kids. Ray began to suspect MGK only when she wasn't allowed on the set of his music video, 'Bloody Valentine'.

Moreover, before dating MGK, Sommer Ray said that she never dated Colson or had sex with him as she made MGK wait at least three months to make sure that he was someone good to her. "I'm not going to make you a number if you're not good to me. So Colson just never passed the test," the Instagram celebrity revealed on the podcast.

Machine Gun Kelly's Relationship With Amber Rose and Halsey

The self-proclaimed 'Blonde Don' has dated some of the most unique Instagram celebrities. From Amber Rose to Meghan Fox, MGK has a long list of females in his love life. In April 2015, Kelly's love affair with model Amber Rose began, however, the relationship lasted only for a few months as in July 2015, Rose confirmed that they aren't dating anymore.

He then went on to cling to Halsey, whom he first met on the set of 'Showtime's Roadies.' Their alleged relationship took an ugly turn in 2018. Dating rumors of MGK and Halsey resurfaced on social media. Kelly during an appearance on The Breakfast Club radio show said that he and Halsey previously hooked up, however, Halsey shunned all claims and tweeted "how 'absolutely' pathetic."

Sommer Ray in the Scandalous Podcast: Watch Video