Did Melania Trump Copy Donald Trump's Signature? Social Media Users Point Out Similarities, Raise Concerns

Melania Trump has claimed that she was fulfilling her duties as the First Lady of the United States of America as turmoil in the Capitol unfolded on January 6. Melania also blasted former chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, for leaking the details of the day in her tell-all book I'll Take Your Questions Now.

melania trump
Former First Lady of the United States Melania Trump. Melania Trump/Twitter

Melania Claims Rug's Photo Shoot Was Part of Her National Duty

In a statement issued to Fox News Digital, Melania said: "On January 6, 2021, I was fulfilling one of my duties as First Lady of the United States of America, and accordingly, I was unaware of what was simultaneously transpiring at the U.S. Capitol Building."

"As with all First Ladies who preceded me, it was my obligation to record the contents of the White House's historic rooms, including taking archival photographs of all the renovations," read the statement further.

"Several months in advance, I organized a qualified team of photographers, archivists, and designers to work with me in the White House to ensure perfect execution," she continued. "As required, we scheduled January 6, 2021, to complete the work on behalf of our Nation."

"This is a very significant undertaking and requires great care, attention to detail, and concentration — both in the planning and execution," she added, according to Fox News.

"Ms. Grisham was not in the White House on January 6, and her behavior in her role as Chief of Staff ultimately amounts to dereliction of duty," Trump said, adding that "traditionally, the First Lady's Chief of Staff provides detailed briefings surrounding our Nation's important issues."

Melania Gets Mocked for Her Signatures

Soon after Melania's statement was posted on social media in complete entirety, users began trolling the former first lady for her signatures.

Many even claimed that it bears startling resemblance to Trump's signature.

"How the f'ing f'ck can anyone be surprised that Trump forged Melania's signature? You haven't held him accountable for ANYTHING! Why wouldn't he?" tweeted a user.

"Hey Melanie - ten bucks says you didn't write nor sign this. That signature has Mar a Lardo written all over it," wrote another.

"@MELANIATRUMP. Complete BS with a straight face. And that signature!! Utterly illiterate, it's like an EKG before flatlining," read another tweet.

"Melania's sig looks like her husband's signature. Everything about this woman is fake. Her claims of higher education etc. Trump will go down in history for his many misdeeds but she won't even rate a footnote, just a future category of Nude First Ladies on Jeopardy," expressed a user.