Did Meghan Markle Attend King Charles' Coronation in Disguise? Social Media Convinced She Was at Westminster Abbey in Wig and Moustache

The man in the photo was actually famed composer Sir Karl Jenkins, whose "haunting, very Welsh" composition Tros y Garreg was played during the event.

Meghan Markle was in Montecito with her two children, while her husband Prince Harry was in the UK to attend his father King Charles III's coronation on Saturday. But was she really in the United States at Westminster Abbey secretly watching the coronation ceremony? This has raised a new debate on social media, with users divided over Meghan's routine on Saturday.

Some eagle-eyed Twitter users were convinced that The Duchess of Sussex had made it to Westminster Abbey. And that she was in disguise, wearing a wig, a mustache, and glasses. One tweet made fun of the duchess, joking that she 'wasn't fooling' anyone by sneaking into Saturday's service in a big white wig and specs.

Is This Meghan?

Meghan Markle Sir Karl Jenkins
Meghan Markle and Sir Karl Jenkins Twitter

The debate has its roots in one of the members of the audience. A notable guest among the 2,200 attendees at Westminster Abbey caught the attention of keen onlookers, who claimed that the attendee appeared to be hiding his name.

One person even suggested it could be the Duchess of Sussex, 41, sneaking her way into the event.

"[Meghan], you're not fooling us..." one person Twitted.

Another user else joked it was "Snowpiercer" actress Tilda Swinton, 62, "deep in character."

"Looks like a character from guess who!" another user wrote.

"Just wait until the polyjuice potion wears off," one user wrote, referring to the transformation potion from "Harry Potter."

Sir Karl Jenkins
Sir Karl Jenkins Twitter

The debate continued for hours but it finally turned out that the white-grey hair and mustache were not a disguise at all. And it wasn't Meghan.

So, who was the person? The man in the photo was actually famed composer Sir Karl Jenkins, whose "haunting, very Welsh" composition Tros y Garreg was played during the event. It turns out the hairdo was not a complex disguise.

A Real Star and Not Meghan in Disguise

The 79-year-old composer Sir Karl Jenkins recently spoke with BBC News about his memories of the last coronation, which he saw in Swansea as an eight-year-old in 1953.

Meghan Markle

Charles III's coronation ceremony included some of his music on Saturday as a way to express his admiration and respect for Welsh music and culture. "I am very honoured. It obviously sums up Welsh culture - the harp - and he [the King] has always supported Welsh music,' said Sir Karl.

"I don't know whether he chose it, but he was happy to have it there. I know he likes it otherwise he wouldn't have asked me."

The piece was first written for Charles, the then Prince of Wales two decades ago when he was resuming his duties as royal harpist. The piece was performed by Catrin Finch, the first contestant to win the reinvigorated role.

Sir Karl Jenkins
Sir Karl Jenkins' composition was played at King Charles III's coronation Twitter

"It's a slow movement based on old Welsh folk tune," said Sir Karl. "It's haunting, it's very Welsh and the story is redolent of a soldier returning home and crossing the stile.

"It starts very quietly, with the strings playing the melody of the folksong, then the harpist is doing this technique called bisbigliando, which means whispering in Italian," he added.

Sir Karl's best-known work is possibly the song Adeimus, which was officially released in 1995 and used in Delta Air Lines in-flight advertisements and as the opening music on the biblical animated series Testament: The Bible In Animation.

King Charles Coronation
King Charles Coronation IANS

A few viral theories about Saturday's events include the "grim reaper" attending the ceremony, "emergency Camillas" arriving just in case, and Princess Charlotte being the twin of the late Princess Diana.

Markle was not present since 38-year-old Prince Harry showed up by himself to Charles' coronation.

This was the first time he had seen his father since the publication of his shocking memoir, "Spare," in January.

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