Did Lil Fizz Drop a Sex Tape? Twitterati Joke About the Rapper's 'Psychedelic Shroom D**k'

Netizens joked about how singer Nelly and Lil Fizz decided to drop their sex tapes the same day.

Twitter went crazy after singer Nelly accidentally leaked his sex tape on his Instagram stories and as if that wasn't enough, rapper Lil Fizz seemed to have landed himself in the same boat. Netizens are actively discussing the rapper's alleged sex tape, joking how Nelly and Lil Fizz decided to drop their sex tapes the same day.

The 36-year-old rapper hit the headlines when out of nowhere netizens started calling out Lil Fizz about his 'alleged' sex tape. However, no one could prove that they saw the rapper's sex tape.

The topic of Lil Fizz's sex tape started trending a day after singer Nelly accidentally uploaded a clip of a woman performing oral sex on him on his Instagram stories. The origin of the trend is not known at the moment.

Lil Fizz
Lil Fizz Screen grab - Instagram

Nelly accidentally posted a short clip of a woman giving a blowjob to a man who, as fans pointed out, sounded like Nelly. He apparently learned about his blunder during an in-camera session on the KFC Radio podcast. He quickly deleted the explicit clip and issued an apology stating that it was an old video not meant to go public.

'Nelly and Lil Fizz on the same day?'

Netizens jokes about how 'Nelly and Lil Fizz have been catching hell all day.' "First Nelly now Lil Fizz got his weird a** looking d**k. I am so pissed," one person tweeted.

Social media users also had an elaborate discussion about what Lil Fizz's penis looked like, comparing it to 'psychedelic mushroom.' "It's not just that Lil Fizz d**k is small. It's that it's very unattractive as well," another person wrote.

There is no confirmation, however, that Lil Fizz dropped a sex tape despite the fact that thousands of people seemed to be reacting to it with no credible evidence of anyone having seen it.