Did Jasmine Hartin Kill Belize Cop Henry Jemmott?

Jasmine Hartin, the daughter in law of billionaire Michael Ashcroft, has been arrested after Belize police officer Henry Jemmott was found dead with a gunshot on his head. Hartin, the wife of Michael Ashcroft's son Andrew, was found on the dock near Jemmott's body in the town of San Pedro early on Friday.

Reports said that Hartin was the only person present at the pier with superintendent Jemmott before he died, making her the only suspect in the high-profile murder case. Authorities have not commented on whether they believe Jemmott was murdered, accidentally killed, or died by suicide.

Jasmine Hartin
Jasmine Hartin arrested in connection with superintendent Henry Jemmott's murder

Did Jasmine Hartin Kill Henry Jemmott?

"We have to look at every possibility," Police Commissioner Chester Williams said while addressing a news conference.

Authorities also mentioned that the incident looked more personal than an attack, as the pair was known to be friends and were drinking when the incident took place. Investigators believe Hartin and the deceased were alone on the dock and they were fully dressed. Williams also told media that Hartin was found with blood-covered arms and clothing when the authorities spotted her.

However, the gun that killed Belize cop Jemmott was found on the pier while Hartin was emotionally walking herself when discovered by authorities.

Police found the superintendent's lifeless body floating in the water right near the pier with a gunshot wound behind his right ear. Officials confirmed Jemmott was off duty at the time, as he had asked for time off for some personal issues.

Meanwhile, Jasmine Hartin is currently in the San Pedro police station's jail holding cell. A resident of the town described the place as "hell on earth." Meanwhile, theories have come up as there are very few facts related to the murder incident.

Who is Jasmine Hartin?

Jasmine Hartin, Jemmott's murder suspect, is the wife of businessman Lord Michael Ashcroft's son. She is a US national and lives in Belize with her husband, Andrew Ashcroft.

Hartin was socializing with Superintendent Henry Jemmott past the COVID-19 curfew before he was found dead in the area.

The daughter-in-law of UK billionaire Hartin has not been charged yet with any crimes. Currently, she remains in custody and is under investigation over the fatal shooting.

Initially, Hartin chose not to cooperate with the authorities retaining the former attorney general of Belize as her lawyer, Williams said.