Did HyunA Get Married to Dawn? Truth behind KPop Couple's 'White Dress' Photoshoot

HyunA shared a series of photographs, posing with Dawn, wearing a white gown and white suit, and balloons in the background. Here is what happened!

Did Kpop idol couple HyunA tie the knot with Dawn? The couple's cozy photographs in white dress and white suit are making the rounds on social media. Singer HyunA herself posted the pictures on her official Instagram account. Netizens have started trending HyunA and Dawn on social media.

HyunA shared a series of pictures with the couple dressed in white outfit. HyunA was seen wearing white gown and Dawn was donning a white suit with a black shirt and white tie accompanying it. The couple was lovey-dovey in the pictures including HyunA in Dawn's arms, the couple kissing each other.

HyunA Dawn
HyunA and Dawn are in a relationship since 2016. Instagram

HyunA's Post to Fans

The background of the photographs showed colourful balloons stuck on the walls. The only thing missing was exchanging of rings. Moreover, HyunA's caption read: "With the live broadcast for my fans as well as the surprise party and the letters, today has been so amazing I don't even know how many times I cried and laughed. My heart is so full in ways I can't explain. It is incredible how much love and support I'm receiving. Thank you so much for always rooting for me and showering me with your love."

"My unnies, oppas, and dongsaengs — all the staff and friends who spend more time with me than my family does... Words can never describe how happy you make me feel. I was the happiest person alive today. And finally, dear Dawn. I'm sooo happy that we're always together. I love you.Dawn," read her post. DAWN gave her a sweet reply: "Thank you for being born."

Not Married Yet

All of this led to speculations that the couple had got married. But the fact was revealed in the next picture shared by HyunA. The singer shared the picture of a cake with caption: "HyunA Happy Birthday. Welcome 30." So the couple was celebrating HyunA's birthday and not getting married.

In the latest pictures HyunA is also seen shedding tears as she gets emotional during the celebration. Perhaps Dawn celebrated HyunA's birthday a day earlier. The singer was born on June 6, 1992. Singer Dawn [Kim Hyo Jong] also celebrated his birthday recently [June 1] and was born in 1994.

HyunA and Dawn have been in a relationship since 2016. The couple is going strong even after five years of togetherness and netizens expressed that even if they marry each other in a short notice, it will not be surprising.

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