Did Hurricane Hanna Destroy Mexico Border Wall? Now Deleted Tweet Whips Up Trump Memes

Twitterati had a field day trolling US President Donald Trump after a video claiming to show a section of the border wall between the US and Mexico collapsing under strong winds caused by Hurricane Hanna went viral. The video was initially posted by twitter user Yadith Valdez, and now it stands deleted.

Hurricane Hanna, which was eventually downgraded to a tropical depression following its landfall in south Texas along the Gulf Coast as a Category 1 hurricane, caused more than 2 inches of rain along the US-Mexico border with wind speed of up to 50 miles per hour.

US Mexico border wall collapse
Video showing part of US-Mexico border wall collapsing during Hurricane Hannah.

Doubts Over the Authenticity of the Viral Video

The viral video shows construction workers standing by and watching as fierce winds knock the steel structure to the ground. Valdez' tweet's caption when translated from Spanish to English read" "And so, 'Hanna' knocked down part of the border wall that is being built between the United States and Mexico. For the fury of nature, there are no borders."

Soon after the video became viral, a lot of users questioned its authenticity stating that it didn't show the US-Mexico border wall collapse.

While Mexican news outlet Debate claimed that the video was filmed at a section of the wall dividing Texas from Ciudad Camargo in the state of Tamaulipas, Nick Miroff, a Washington Post reporter, refuted the same. "The video being widely shared of border wall panels falling over is not from RGV, a CBP official tells me. Unclear where it was filmed, but based on desert terrain, daytime recording and style of bollards, I'm guessing these are images of a monsoon out west, prob Arizona," he tweeted.

Speaking to Caller Times, Roderick Kise, a spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection in the Rio Grande Valley, said that at first glance he did not believe the footage was from South Texas. "The hurricane hit us at night time, but looks like it was shot during the day. The terrain did not look like the lower Rio Grande Valley," he told the outlet.

Twitter Trends With Trump Memes

Trump, who had boasted about his wall being the most powerful and comprehensive border wall structure' in the world a few days ago, has already spent more than $11 billion on the wall between the US and Mexico. The border wall is expected to cost an estimated $21.6 billion to complete, reported the Daily Mail.

Despite the debate over the authenticity of the claims made in the video, Twitterati was quick to attack the US President with a flurry of memes and jokes. MeidasTouch made a clip combining Trump's claims made in June and the collapsing wall. "It's no surprise Trump couldn't keep it up #TrumpCantKeepItUp," the outlet captioned its video.

"Border walls are useless when you can't stop the Coronavirus and Mexico won't let Americans in. But promoting a private slush fund to build walls is even more useless. #TrumpCantKeepItUp," wrote a user.

"Trumpty Dumpty tried to build a wall But instead saw his cheap fence and ratings fall All of the Fool-Aid drinkers and GOP men Couldn't prevent Trump's loss to Joe Biden," tweeted another user. Best-selling author Rick Wilson tweeted: 'I have a Trump wall joke but it blows.'