Did Greg Kelly Wear Knock-Off AliExpress Cargo Pants as 'Balmain' in Viral Photo with Trump?

Twitter users claimed Greg Kelly's 'Balmain' cargo pants were actually $96.99 knockoffs from AliExpress due to certain inconsistencies.

Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly took to Twitter on Thursday to share a photo of himself with former President Donald Trump.

The photo, which shows Kelly standing next to Trump and flashing a thumbs up for the camera, appears to have been taken at the ex-president's Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, Florida. "Chillin' with 45! (And yes. Those are BUGLE BOY jeans I'm wearing)," Kelly captioned the photo.

The image instantly went viral on the platform with many mocking Kelly and expressing their cringe over the news anchor's khaki-colored cargo pants.

"Those pants don't go with those shoes or that jacket or that shirt or anything else in the world," wrote one user, while another commented, "Those are truly the worst pants I've ever seen on a man

Claims His Pants Are 'Balmain' and Shoes 'Ferragamo'

After becoming the object of ridicule on the micro-blogging platform, Kelly posted a follow-up tweet three hours after he shared the photo bragging that the cargo pants he was wearing are actually Balmain, which is "the most prestigious brand in PANTS." He added that his shoes were Ferragamo.

Kelly thought his tweet would shut down his critics but Twitter was ready to school him again.

"Having the means to buy Balmain pants is not the same as having the style sense to not look ridiculous in them," wrote one user. "Oh, I look like shit? Well what if I told you I spent a ridiculous amount of money to look like this? Not laughing now, are you?," another user commented sarcastically.

Balmain Pants or AliExpress Knock-Offs?

Greg Kelly
The photo shared by Greg Kelly (left) and Balmain knock-off cargo pants available on AliExpress. Twitter

When one of them pointed out that the pants cost $1,200 with a screenshot of a similar product on the Balmain website, another quickly drew attention to the fact that the Balmain pants only have one zipper, while its knock-offs comprise of two zippers like the one worn by Kelly in the photo with Trump and cost only $96.99 on AliExpress.

After one netizen pointed out that a two-zipper version was also available on the Balmain website for $1415, other users noted that Kelly's "curling" pockets suggest his cargo pants were made of "cheap fabric."

This article was first published on May 7, 2021