A clip from Donald Trump Jr's latest interview with Fox News has gone viral — not for his views, but his alleged teary-eyed appearance. Over the weekend, social media users circulated the clip claiming that Trump Jr looked like he would cry any moment.

Trump Jr's voice sounded shaky multiple times during the Fox News interview as he spoke about President Donald Trump's impeachment and the damaging leaks from a laptop allegedly owned by Hunter Biden. The clip was shared by a Twitter user who went by the handle @Acyn.

"He seems like he is about to cry," the tweet said.

While several users were convinced that Trump Jr overcame with emotions, others expressed surprise that he would cry on air. "He is crying. They must know it's over and they are looking at facing and paying for their corruption," one Twitter user wrote.

Some Twitter users also made light of the clip saying Trump Jr was teary-eyed over the concerns that his father may not win his re-election bid. However, most attributed his shaky voice to alleged cocaine abuse.

"If this dude isn't on cocaine - like seriously mountains of it - call me Santa Claus. His eyes racing. Speech too fast for his brain. Emotional swings. What a disaster," wrote one user.

"He is so high. Ladies and Gentlemen... not everyone who has ever done coke acts like this.... he clearly can't handle it. Probably some Red Bull thrown in there," another user tweeted.

Cocaine Abuse Rumors

Speculations around Trump Jr's alleged cocaine abuse are not new. During another interview with Fox News, viewers spotted Trump Jr making strange mouth movements, which they claimed was due to drug abuse. Throughout the interview, he clenched his jaw, licked his lips and appeared to grind his teeth.

In August, netizens claimed that Trump Jr and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle were high on cocaine and Adderall on the first night of Republican National Convention. Several Twitter users were convinced that he had "cocaine eyes." Following the convention, users trended hashtags including 'cocaine,' 'Adderall' and 'The Purge.'