Did DeSantis Supporters Block the Entrance to Disney World During a Protest Against the Company's Stance on The 'Don't Say Gay' Bill?

A "patriot convoy" of republican Gov. Ron DeSantis supporters descended upon Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, on Saturday, April 16, to protest the company's stance against the state's controversial "Don't Say Gay Bill."

The protest was scheduled with the intention to form a blockade to prevent people from entering the theme park. According to a social media post by Jonathan Riches, a so-called "Patriot Convoy" performed an illegal blockade of the eastern entrance to Walt Disney World earlier today.

'No One Visiting Disney Can Get In'

Jonathan Riches at Disney World
The photo shared by Jonathan Riches (left) and Disney World Twitter

In the photo below, Riches is seen donning a "DeSantis 2022" hat with Mickey ears, and holding a megaphone with two cars, parked on either side of the road, appearing to block the entrance.

"Patriot Convoy just did a BLOCKADE @ the Entrance of Disney," Riches captioned the image. "Car trouble. No one visiting Disney can get in." The image was reposted by left-wing activist Kendall Brown. "Imagine intentionally ruining the vacations (and possibly once-in-a-lifetime experience) for thousands of kids and not realizing you are absolutely the villain in this story," she wrote in the caption.


While the right-wing protestors tried their best to keep people from visiting the theme park, they failed considering Disney World has multiple entrances due to its sheer size.
Furthermore, the protesters ended up blocking an entrance to the shopping area Disney Springs, which is over a mile away from the actual park entrance. Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:

Rally Organized by Moms for America to Protest Against Disney's 'Woke Agenda'

As many as 100 people showed up to the protest, organized by Moms for America, who were protesting against Disney's "woke agenda."

"Disney has severely violated the trust of parents and customers across the country," Kimberly Fletcher, President of Moms for America, said last week. "That is why Moms for America will be hosting a rally at Disney World this weekend to speak out against its radical, sexual politics with young children. Furthermore, we will be proudly continuing our support for Governor Ron DeSantis for his efforts to protect the American child."

Although the bill has already been signed into law, Disney made significant financial contributions to the lawmakers and authors of the bill before being called out publicly by their employees. In response, DeSantis claimed that Disney was "trying to impose a woke ideology on our state," which he declared a "significant threat."