Did Andy Ngo Hide in a Hotel After Getting Attacked by Portland Protesters While Trying to Infiltrate Them 'In Disguise'

Andy Ngo disguised himself as a protester, wearing black clothes and a Black Lives Matter flag before "infiltrating" a group of demonstrators in downtown Portland.

Portland-raised conservative journalist Andy Ngo, who is known for documenting protesters, particularly anti-fascist activists, commonly known as antifa, reportedly took cover inside a hotel after getting attacked by rioters while trying to infiltrate them.

According to a series of tweets from Zane Sparling, a reporter for the Portland Tribue, a person believed to be the right-wing journalist tried to infiltrate a gathering of protesters outside the Justice Center in downtown Portland tonight.

Andy Ngo

Ngo was allegedly wearing black clothes and a BLM flag to disguise himself as a demonstrator. However, he was identified and protesters chased after him, tore off his BLM flag and pushed him to the ground.

Ngo Allegedly Hid Inside The Nunes Hotel, Waited for Portland Police to Escort Him

Another social media user confirmed that Ngo ran into The Nines Hotel to get away from the chasing protesters and waited until a police escort arrived at the hotel.

Images show Portland police officers in riot gear outside the hotel:

A video, shot by one of the demonstrators who followed Ngo into the downtown hotel, appears to show him being assisted by security inside the lobby of the establishment. The woman recording accuses Ngo of infiltrating her group before she is asked to leave by hotel staff.

According to Fox News, Ngo was eventually able to leave the hotel, reportedly after receiving some medical attention, which others believed was a "smoke screen" for his exit and his next "grift."

Andy Ngo Vs Antifa

This is not the first time Ngo has been attacked by demonstrators while covering protests in Portland. On June 29, 2019, while filming protests at a rally organized by the far-right group Proud Boys in Portland, a group of counter-protesters physically attacked Ngo by punching him in the head, kicking him and hitting him with at least one milkshake.

While left-wing groups have accused Ngo of being a far-right sympathizer and doxxing Antifa members while spreading false propaganda, Ngo has been pushing the narrative that Antifa is a group of street thugs that has repeatedly attacked journalists and poses a genuine threat to public safety.