Did an Alien Hunter Just Spot a UFO Using Google Earth?

The UFO, spotted over a beach in New Zealand beach, has a seemingly metallic body, and conspiracy theorists consider it an authentic proof of alien presence

Amid heavy criticism from skeptics and scientists, self-styled alien hunter Scott C Waring, who continues to operate his from Taiwan, has now released an eerie photo that shows a UFO hovering over St. Kilda Beach in New Zealand.

In his recent post, Waring claimed that the discovery was made by a man named Luke, who said that the finding was made using Google Earth. Interestingly, the UFO said to be hovering over the beach in New Zealand looks authentic at first glance, and has a seemingly metallic surface.

Waring Assures Alien Presence

UFO New Zealand
Alleged UFO spotted using Google Earth ET Data Base

"The UFO looks like a fat disk, thicker in the upper and lower middle. The object is metallic in color and has no wings and nothing to indicate that it might be a balloon, drone, plane or anything. The object is in extraordinary focus and the air around it seems to be warped as if its propulsion system is altering the air temperature or static," Waring wrote on his website ET Data Base.

In his post, Waring also shared the link to access Google Map's online version to view the alleged UFO. Surprisingly, one can see an unknown disc-like object hovering in the skies, using the coordinates provided by the alien hunter.

Waring's UFO Discovery Goes Viral

After analyzing the image sent by Luke, Waring also uploaded a video on his YouTube channel detailing the discovery. The UFO video uploaded by Waring has now gone viral among conspiracy theorists, and they are outlandishly claiming that this sighting could be irrefutable proof of alien presence on earth.

"I think it's a strong possibility that we are living in stimulation. Even a high-fi game," Enceladus Cassisi, a YouTuber commented. However, as always, skeptics have dismissed the claims made by Waring stating the anomaly in the image as nothing more than a glitch in the camera.

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