Amid the coronavirus pandemic, face masks have already become a part of people's lives globally. Since the entire world is facing a shortage of surgical masks and N95 masks even for health workers, many have been making homemade masks, using whatever is available. Photos of them reusing plastic bottles, sanitary napkins, tissue papers, bras and vegetables, to name a few, have already gone viral on social media.

Though the World Health Organisation (WHO) has suggested using face masks only if you are sick or taking care of a person with suspected 2019-nCoV, the latest claim by health experts suggests that everyone must use face masks. Recently, US President Donald Trump had recommended that fellow Americans cover their faces at least with scarves or homemade cloth masks. However, it doesn't guarantee that you won't get sick.

Face masks becoming a fashion statement

Designer and colourful face masks have become a fashion statement amid Coronvirus outbreak
Designer and colourful face masks have become a fashion statement amid Coronvirus outbreak kanias_kollection & sandyfeethawaii / Instagram

Now, looks like wearing a face mask has also become a fashion statement with common people and designers coming up with interesting and reusable designs and colourful patterns. However, most of the products available on e-commerce websites have been priced over $10 to over $500.

Top fashion brands like Prada, COS, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, Zara and Mango are also said to be among the leading companies manufacturing face masks due to its shortage.

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Munich-based designer Pia Bolte has started producing colourful masks with a selection of slogans including "get lost virus". Customers can also add or change the filters, which are available online, every 72 hours within the mask. Some wedding designers have expanded their line of work by making designer masks as no marriages are taking place in the wake of the pandemic.

Fashion designer ThaiNguyenAtelier has created a tutorial on Twitter instructing his followers on how to make a simple face mask within seconds just by using a scarf and two rubber bands.

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