It is a big day today for all the Descendants of the Sun fans who have been glued to their television sets since the start of the series in February.

The South Korean television series which will see its culmination today, will not mark today's episode as the last one. The makers have been kind enough to greet the audience with three follow-up episodes of the popular show, to be aired consecutively from 20 - 22 April.

However, the 16th episode of the pre-produced series, which will telecast today at 9:55 pm KST on KBS will be the most important one. This episode will mark the end of the story and is set to decide the fate of our handsome hunk, Captain Yoo Shi Jin and his love, Doctor Kang Mo Yeon.

If the spoilers sprawling around the internet is to be believed, it is stated that our cute looking Big Boss, who decides to take up the new mission, may die in the finale episode. While, First Lieutenant Yoon Myung Ju and Sergeant Major Seo Dae Young aka Wolf will see a dreamy happy ending with the couple getting married in a grand ceremony.

Another spoiler alert circulating the web asserted that the end will see Shi Jin waking out of bed, just to realize that everything that happened was a dream.

Meanwhile, the writer of the record breaking series, Kim Eun Sook, decided to clear the air. During an interview with KBS1 radio, she said: "Hello This Is Hong Ji Myung. I've heard people say that the whole thing is Yoo Si Jin's dream. If that is really how I ended the drama, I will probably have had to emigrated to another country because I wouldn't be able to live in Korea."

Talking about criticism she gets for the climax of the dramas she had previously written, the 42-year-old stated: "I've been scolded a lot by viewers regarding my endings. I don't think I will be making the same mistake again and I want to tell viewers to confirm the ending after watching the live broadcast."

It seems we can expect something positive from the writer, who might not repeat the same mistake of harsh adieus. Meanwhile, the production team and the cast members have been very careful in their statements, trying every bit not to reveal even a tiny thing from the show. Even on the recent promotional event, the stars remained tight lipped on asked about the fate of Team Alpha and future happenings.

The finale will air in Korea and China on 14 April and in Singapore on 15 April on video app, Viu.