Descendants Of The Sun: Song Joong-ki or Song Hye-kyo's character to die in season finale?

Descendants Of The Sun has been a huge hit since the first episode.

Descendants of the Sun's executive producer Kim Woo Taek has hinted about a shocking twist in the hit South Korean television series. In the hit drama, Song Joong-ki plays the lead role as Captain Yoo Shi Jin, and Song Hye-kyo reprises the role of doctor named Kang Mo-Yeon.

"My wife thinks someone will die," Taek told in an interview with JoongAng Ilbo, as quoted by Straits Times. "She's always asking me who will die, but I haven't told her."

Adding on, Taek, who is chief executive of New Entertainment World, revealed how Captain Yoo Shi Jin was not part of the initial script. He said: "Everyone said we were crazy. But based on our confidence in the story's content, we started planning."

"Kim Won Suk's original screenplay tells the story of doctors who are active at disaster sites. After we became responsible for the production, screenwriter Kim Eun Sook did a rewrite and increased the love plot. She added military characters, overseas disasters and other elements to flesh out the story. When I read the script till episode four, it seemed good," Taek added.

"During the costume test, I saw Song Joong Ki in uniform and knew it would be a success. The casting of the two is very successful," he continued.

Descendants of the Sun airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 (Korean Time). The finale will air in Korea and China on 14 April and in Singapore on 15 April on video app, Viu.

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