A Democrat Debacle in 2022 Mid-Terms Will Almost Certainly Result in Biden Impeachment

The Democrats are likely to receive a severe hammering in the mid-term elections, and the bad news for President Joe Biden is that the chorus for his impeachment will get louder if the GOP wrests control of both the houses.

Political analysts are positive that the Republicans will almost certainly start the impeachment process against Biden on multiple grounds if they take control of both the House and the Senate. Even if they win the control of the Congress and not the Senate, a impeachment attempt will still be made, according to some.

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According to political observer John Owens, if the Republicans take over one or both houses, "it's pretty likely they will try to impeach Biden."

Big Lie Supporters

If the GOP gets control of the House, the supporters of the "Big Lie" will will certainly push impeachment motion against him, he told Newsweek. This is "become a larger presence in the House Republican Conference within an even more polarized chamber," said Owens, who is professor emeritus of United States government and politics at the Centre for the Study of Democracy at the University of Westminster in the U.K.

Earlier this year, Senator Ted Cruz said Biden can be impeached on "multiple grounds". In April, Republican Representative Ken Buck also said the House Judiciary Committee would hold the hearings to determine whether impeachment is appropriate. "We'll vote on impeachment. And then it will be presented to the full House," he said according to Newsweek.

Biden Approval Rating

A poll by the University of Massachusetts Amherst poll in May showed that 68 percent of Republicans think Biden should be impeached. Broadly, 66 percent of people who identify themselves as conservatives also want Biden to be impeached.

Meanwhile, Carl Paladino, who runs for Congress from New York, said he would use his first day in office, if elected to Congress, to initiate impeachment proceedings against Biden.

"My first day in Congress ...I will pursue impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden as well for the disaster he has unleashed on our Southern Border," Paladino said.

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Former President Donald Trump was impeached twice, but the move did not pass muster in the Senate and the president was not convicted on both the occasions.

If the GOP takes the House they can get the impeachment motion passed in the chamber as it requires only a simple majority. However, even if they control the Senate, securing a two thirds majority needed for securing a conviction will be almost certainly impossible.

However, the Republicans might want to initiate the proceedings to hammer home the point that the president, whose approval rating has hit rock bottom, is unfit to gevern.

At the same time, some analysts also believe that an impeachment effort against Biden will likely affect the party's 2024 presidential election prospects.