Demi Rose's plunging neckline outfit leaves little to imagination

The British model is presently under self-quarantine at her UK-based home as the deadly virus is spreading like wildfire

British bombshell Demi Rose with her plunging neckline left little to the imagination of her fans as she set their pulses racing with her latest Instagram post. Demi, who is presently at her London, England, based home due to COVID-19 outbreak, expressed her wish to be a superhero to kick Corona's ass.

The curvaceous beauty has 13.7 million users on Instagram alone. A hot favourite model on the social media site, Demi keeps of posting her sexy photographs to keep her fans entertained during global lockdown.

Demi Rose is there for you in case you need her

Demi Rose

In the latest post, updated few hours ago, Demi is seen wearing a tie-dye long maxi dress that comes with a plunging neckline and massive slit, exposing her legs till the pelvic area. The model captioned her post: "If you need me I'll be home."

While the buxom beauty appears to be braless under the dress, she ensures that oomph factor stays in the picture with her overflowing assets and sultry looks. Sitting on a chair, the British model strikes a pose sitting right next to a huge glass French door. With the warm glow of the sun pouring in from the background and the setup including a bunch of flowers placed in a vase on the table next to her, adds to the magical aura of the ravenous beauty.

Demi Rose

Demi's well-toned legs and thighs are exposed much to the delight on onlookers as the slit rides all the way up to her pelvic area. Holding a rose in her left hand which rests on her thigh, the model looks seductively towards the camera. Expect for the eye-liner, mascara, and a deep shade of lipstick, Demi appears to be wearing no heavy make-up or accessory, to keep her look simple and casual. She has left her hair open which fall loosely on her shoulders.

Demi Rose wishes to fight corona

Demi who kickstarted her quarantine by taking a nude sunbath, recently expressed her desire to be a superhero who will fight the fatal virus, which has now infected nearly a million people globally.

Posted a day ago, Demi Rose went all red as she posed in a body-clinging latex suit with matching red-coloured long gloves. She had captioned the post, "I wish I was a superhero so I could kick Corona's ass. " The post went on to receive nearly half a million likes and over 3,800 comments.

Demi Rose

Looking a sexy siren, Demi's outfit hugged tightly to her ample bosom. Barely managing to keep her assets in place, the suit was accessories with a choker styled red-colour neckpiece with a hanging heart-shaped locket. The fans were quick to react to Demi's post. "You'd probably turn Coronavirus on," wrote one of her ardent fan.