Top UK doctors on the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic die after contracting COVID-19

There are four doctors who had ancestry in regions including Africa, Asia and the Middle East, died in UK while saving other lives affected by Novel Coronavirus

The list of healthcare staffs and doctors who sacrificed their lives while treating Coronavirus infected patients is too long. Along with COVID-19 whistleblower Li Wenliang's name, four UK doctors names are now included in the same list. These doctors were on the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic and died after contracting the disease.

Alfa Sa'adu, Amged el-Hawrani, Adil El Tayar and Habib Zaidi these four doctors passed away recently while saving other lives in UK. All four of them had ancestry in regions including Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

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  • Alfa Sa'adu:

He dedicated almost 40 years to save other lives. Dr Alfa Saadu, 68, died on Tuesday, Match 31 at the Whittington Hospital in north London. He had been a medical director at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Essex and Ealing NHS Trust and worked at many hospitals in the capital. Tributes were paid to late Dr Saadu, including from the former president of the Nigerian Senate.

Two weeks before his death Dr Saadu started to show symptoms of coronavirus and immediately self-isolated. His son, Dani Saadu said that even though the family suggested he should go to hospital, his father insisted he "did not want to take up a hospital bed because others would need it".

He retired in 2017, but he continued to work part-time at the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital in Welwyn, Hertfordshire. The Princess Alexandra Hospital, where Dr Saadu worked as a medical director until his retirement, also paid tribute: "Our condolences to you and your family. Our thoughts are with you all."

  • Amged el-Hawrani:

The doctor, 55, who was described as being "fit and healthy" before he contracted the virus, died at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester on Saturday, March 28. The colleagues of Hawarani at Queen's Hospital in Burton fell silent at 13:00 BST on Monday, March 30 in his honour. Tributes for the 55-year-old have come in from across the medical profession.

After his demise University Hospitals of Derby and Burton mentioned that "as far as we are aware [Mr El-Hawrani] was fit and healthy" before he contracted the Coronavirus. Dr Andrew Goddard, president of the Royal College of Physicians, said, "We knew that Amged was unwell and was receiving support and care in Leicester, so we were all hoping for the best, but in some ways prepared for the worst. It's brought home to everybody the seriousness of this outbreak and that NHS and social care workers are literally putting their lives on the line."

  • Adil El Tayar:

He was a leading organ transplant consultant in NHS. Dr Tayar, aged 64, died on Wednesday, April 1 after he fell ill a few days earlier. As per his family, the doctor got infected by the Novel Coronavirus while working at Hereford Hospital. His family has questioned whether enough was done to protect him.

The father of four Dr Adil El Tayar is believed to be the first working surgeon in the UK to die from COVID-19. His son Osman and daughter Abeer El Tayar, who are also doctors, said their lives have been completely turned upside down. Osman El Tayar said, "My dad came here in the early 1990s from Sudan and we were all raised here. We've received so much from this country, but I worry about his final days and wonder if enough was done to protect him."

  • Habib Zaidi:

The UK general physician in Leigh-on-Sea for more than 45 years died at the age of 76 in intensive care at Southend Hospital, Essex, 24 hours after being taken ill on March 24. Zaidi had been self-isolating and had not seen patients in person for about a week. Dr Sarah Zaidi, his daughter previously said his death was "reflective of his sacrifice" and he had a "vocational attitude to service".

Dr Zaidi was a managing partner of Eastwood Group Practice with his wife Dr Talat Zaidi. GP chair at NHS Southend Clinical Commissioning Group, Dr Jose Garcia-Lobera said had left behind an "incredible legacy"

Dr Lobera added that Dr Zaidi "hugely respected, selfless man who dedicated his life to helping others. Dr Zaidi will always be remembered for his significant contribution to local health services through his long career as a GP,"

Top doctors in UK died due to COVID-19

The general secretary of the British Islamic Medical Association, Dr Salman Waqar said that the contribution of these doctors was immeasurable. "They were devoted family men, committed senior doctors, and dedicated decades of service to their communities and patients. They gave the ultimate sacrifice while fighting this disease. We urge everyone to do their part and stop further deaths from happening - stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives."

Like other countries, UK is also suffering due to the Coronavirus outbreak and currently facing a shortage of medical staffs. It should be noted that the COVID-19 has claimed more than 2,350 lives in UK and affected 29,865 British people. On Tuesday, March 31 the UK home secretary, Priti Patel said that about 2,800 medical staff whose visas expire before October 1, will have their visas extended for a year "free of charge".

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