Delta Air Lines to go "fully carbon neutral" from March, says CEO

The airline company will invest $1 billion over the next decade and develop clean technology for engines and carbon removal

Delta Air Lines on Friday made a big commitment and announced that it will go "fully carbon neutral" from March 1. The company also said that it will be investing $1 billion over the next decade to reduce environmental impact owing to it carriers in the air. The decision comes in a bid to minimize the impact of global air travel on environment.

Delta and a number of other airlines have been fighting hard to minimize environmental pollution owing to their aircrafts in the air, which has become a cause of concern over the past few years. Delta has earlier made a number of environmentally conscious moves and the company said that it will continue to do so in the years to come.

Delta's big commitment

Delta Air Lines
Delta Air Lines Pixabay

On Friday, Delta Air Lines' CEO Ed Bastian said that the company will commit $1 billion over the next decade to help reduce environmental pollution cause by the flying of its aircrafts. This is by far the biggest commitment made by any airline so far in terms of money.

Bastian further said that the company will make an effort towards reducing environmental impact and focus on clean technological investments for engines and carbon removal. However, the company will still rely on jet fuel.

"There's no challenge we face that is in greater need of innovation than environmental sustainability, and we know there is no single solution," Bastian said in a statement. Bastian has been vocal about the responsibilities that airline companies hold in reducing environmental pollution.

Will Delta succeed?

Delta Air Lines
Delta Air Lines Pixabay

Delta definitely has made a big commitment and now needs to be seen what steps it takes in keeping its promise. Delta had earlier too taken major steps towards minimizing environmental pollution. Airline companies account for roughly 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions and a number of airline companies have pledged to achieve carbon-neutral growth from 2020.

Delta, with this investment, now intends to become the first carbon-neutral airline in the world. Airlines across the globe are reducing their environmental footprint to check climate change. However, unlike automobiles, there aren't too many options for airline companies to reduce carbon footprint as biofuel takes a long time to be developed and there is a shortage in its supply globally. Given this situation, Delta now ideally will be investing a lot in research to develop new technologies in a bid to achieve its goal.