Deloitte launches its first Centre of Excellence in Singapore

Deloitte is set to invest US$20 million (approximately S$27.6 million) in the CoE over the next three years.

Container ships are seen in the Singapore Strait against the backdrop of the financial district. REUTERS

Deloitte has launched its very first Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Singapore. The new development, called the Future of Work, is mainly aimed at bringing resources for a suite of data analytics, automation tools and workforce planning cloud models to cater the diverse requirements of clients in the city.

Over the next three years, Deloitte is set to invest US$20 million (approximately S$27.6 million) in the CoE. This amount is one of the largest investments by the UK-incorporated company. The company has also partnered with Singapore's Economic Development Board (EDB) to contribute to the nationwide initiatives such as SkillsFuture and Smart Nation to help the city adopt new technologies in its workforce.

"Almost every job will be reinvented as personal expectations of work evolve and essential human skills are augmented by technology," said Punit Renjen, CEO, Deloitte Global. "This transformation will require organisations to reconsider how they hire and reskill workers and develop new operational strategies for a more mobile and autonomous workforce. Through this new Centre of Excellence, Deloitte is committed to helping organisations navigate these challenges successfully."

Help local and global talent

The Future of Work CoE will be a source of training and employment for local Singapore and global talent. Further, it will include advanced areas such as data science, UX, HR analytics, actuarial science and natural language processing among others.

"We welcome the setting up of Deloitte's Future of Work Centre for Excellence in Singapore as this will foster even more partners and strengthen the ecosystem for technology innovation," said Dr. Swan Gin Beh, chairman, EDB.

The Singapore CoE will serve as the global flagship for Deloitte. However, the New York City-headquartered company is in plans to establish similar developments in the US, UK and Canada over time.

The new move would position Singapore as a global IP export and capability development hub. Companies like Accenture and Ageis also have similar models to leverage the local talent in the city and develop new experiences for their global clients.

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