Delete these apps immediately to secure your Android smartphone from adware

An analyst from security company Kaspersky has detected apps with adware in Play Store that had more than 16,000 installs

Adware is a kind of malware that hides inside a device and continuously pops-up unwanted advertisements on the screen. If you have noticed an ad on your device screen no matter what app you are using at that time it means that your device is infected by adware. Recently an analyst from a security company has discovered a few similar adware apps available for download on Google's Play Store.

Adware presence in a device

Malicious smartphone apps (Representational picture) Reuters

It is an unwanted software design that pushed ads on a device's screen, often with a web browser. As per the security company Malwarebytes, some security experts view it as the forerunner of the modern-day Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). Even though this form of malware is less serious in nature, it has a ton of nuisance value to it. If your device was hijacked by adware then you may notice following issues:

  • Ads appear in places they shouldn't be
  • Web browser's homepage has mysteriously changed without your permission
  • Web pages that a user usually visit are not displaying properly
  • Website links redirect to sites different from what expected
  • Web browser slows to a crawl
  • New toolbars, extensions, or plugins suddenly populate the browser
  • Browser crashes

It should be noted that the cybercriminals behind the adware operation may sell the browsing history of a user.

Identification of apps with adware

Earlier several security companies have informed Google about malicious apps that Android users are installing from the Play Store and the tech giant removed many to ensure the security of the users. But still, security experts are noticing malicious activities in several available apps.

Recently an analyst from well-known security company Kaspersky, Tatyana Shishkova, mentioned that she detected hidden Ad apps on the Play Store which had over 16000 installs in total. In a Tweet, she revealed "#Adware on Google Play in apps with more than 16,100,000 installs in total. Thanks to Igor Golovin."

Adware apps
Adware apps Twitter/ Tatyana Shishkova @sh1shk0va

She also shared screenshots of the user review, where an unrevealed individual said, "The pdf reader itself is pretty good. I like how the app will read for you. But the reason I give a two is that ads will pop up continuously even couple of minuted if you open the app. The ads will keep appearing even if you close the app after running it, the only way to stop the ads is to restart your phone."

Check out the apps here:

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