Android vulnerability: Users should stay away from these malware apps during Christmas

165 apps detected with dangerous combinations of permissions, while seven apps were found with malicious behavior

When compared to the iPhone, Androids are more vulnerable to malware attacks. In recent years, several researchers detected malware-infested apps in Play Store and informed Google time to time about Android vulnerabilities. Now, once again security experts cautioned tablet and smartphone users about the risk from a number of popular apps.

People usually don't think twice before downloading any app from the market place. But considering the recent reports on Android malware threat, experts advise them to be careful and check the comments in the review section to avoid being a victim of data theft.

Latest Android threat alert

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As per the security experts, the Android users need to be extra careful while downloading apps in their smartphones or tablet at this festive time of year. This warning has come after some reports appeared in the past few months with some leaving Android fans open to online attacks.

As per the technology experts from Barracuda security, while Christmas is knocking the door, cyber attackers will be focusing on the festivities to launch an attack on unsuspecting Android users. The team stated that there have been a number of Christmas-themed apps released which can make the Android devices vulnerable to hacking.

These apps may generate money for cybercriminals by packing screen by bombarding with advertisements and can scan through every text message sent from the smartphone.

Malware apps

The researchers revealed that among those new apps, 35 were found with adware, which is the software that displays unwanted advertisements, mostly malicious ads, on a device's screen.
They noticed 165 apps with dangerous combinations of permissions and seven apps were found with malicious behaviour, such as replacing the app with a downloaded version via a command-and-control server.

Some of these malicious apps are capable of reading text messages sent for the device which could then be leveraged to intercept multi-factor authentication tokens. These apps can use SMS message option to send spam or phishing campaigns from an Android device.

However, it should be mentioned that as per the report, there was no clarification on the source and distribution platforms for these apps. But still, the experts asked the users to check the description as well as the review section before installing apps.

Here is full list of Android malware apps

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