DECLASSIFIED: When a Little Girl Once Said Adolf Hitler is a Little Chap Like Charlie Chaplin

A recent set of declassified documents had suggested that Hitler had fantasized about being the second coming of Christ.

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is widely considered as one of the cruelest leaders ever born in the history of the world. However, Georgina Giles, an English girl who met Hitler during his childhood, believes that all the common conceptions about Hitler's nature are entirely wrong. Giles, who traveled to Bavaria and Austria, met Hitler in 1936, and she calls him a very charming guy.

Was Hitler like Charlie Chaplin?

According to Giles, Hitler was a smiley little chap like Charlie Chaplin, and he was very good with children. The diary where Giles penned her memories with Hitler was unearthed by Rhiannon Shutler, who wishes to share the fact that how manipulative evil people can be.

"He's a little chap, rather like Charlie Chaplin, with his toothbrush mustache, with a very fascinating smile. With children he is wonderful. He talks to them, accepts their posies, and lets them stand by him while the people pass by saluting. He only had four Stormtroopers guarding him and it all seemed very informal. When we passed he smiled sweetly and saluted several times," wrote Giles on her diary, Daily Star reports.

Rhiannon, who currently holds the diary, revealed that she got it after her father bought it from an auction in 2016.

"My father, Edward, he bought it. He thought mistakes were made and shouldn't be repeated. He really wanted people to remember and for it to not happen again. It delivers an important message. Imagine how the girl felt afterward! Hitler turned out to be a monster," said Rhiannon.

Hitler: Conspiracy Theorists' Favorite

Even after the death of Hitler, he remained a very popular figure among conspiracy theorists, while many claimed that the dictator had actually faked his death. A few months back, a shocking set of declassified documents from the CIA had suggested that Hitler had convinced his followers stating that he was actually the second coming of Jesus Christ.