Deborah Jean Christiansen, The Dead Voter 'Exposed' by Trump Campaign, is Actually Alive

The Trump campaign team had claimed that Deborah Jean Christiansen had died in 2018.

Another claim made by Trump campaign has been proved false. Adding to the list of dead voters in Georgia, the Trump campaign had said that a woman, Deborah Jean Christiansen, had cast her vote despite being declared dead in 2019. But CNN has proved it as fake news as Christiansen herself opened the doors to the media team.

Christiansen, who was declared dead by Trump's team, opened the door and said the claims were ridiculous. She also revealed that in 2016 she had voted for Trump, but after witnessing his ways of administration, she changed her mind and voted for Joe Biden this time.

Trump war room tweet
Screenshot of a tweet by Trump's War Room, making fake claims. Twitter

Trump's Team Mixing Up Details

Christiansen is a retired mental health counselor and had moved from Nebraska to Georgia in September. When the fact finding team of CNN reached out to Christiansen, it found that Trump's team had mixed up details and had wrongly used them to make fake claims.

In fact, a woman by the name Deborah Jean Christiansen had died in 2018. But her voter registration was cancelled in 2019 and there is no proof of her ID being used to vote in 2020. But the details given by the Trump's campaign team match the ones of Christiansen who had voted this year.

The first time Christiansen appeared on social media was on November 11 when Trump's campaign team tweeted: "Mrs. Deborah Jean Christiansen of Roswell, Georgia was registered to vote on October 5. Then she voted in the election. The only problem? She passed away a year and a half ago, in May 2019. Sadly, Mrs. Christiansen is a victim of voter fraud."

Reports claim that both Deborah Jean Christiansens were born in 1954. But they have different birthdays and different Social Security numbers. The false claim had stated that Christiansen had voted on October 5, but in reality she had voted on October 28 in person. That means she had shown her identity card. Another factor is that the deceased Christiansen had lived in Fulton County, and not in Cobb County as claimed by Trump's team.

The Damage

But the damage had been done as the tweet with fake information had been retweeted 10,000 times. The clip of the same claim made by Fox News anchor Carlson that was shared by Trump was retweeted 27,000 times.

After CNN made the revelations, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson is said to have sent an email to CNN where he wrote that he regrets not catching it earlier. But he still claimed that there were dead people who had voted in election without giving any details.

"The guy lost the election. He should be worried more about taking care of people, with this Covid-19 going on. He's got a pandemic. Come on. Biden won. Let's move on. Let's help him transition," Christiansen said speaking to CNN.

Earlier, Trump's team had revealed at least 25 names of dead people and claimed that they had voted this year. But fact finding teams have debunked these claims and have proved that at least four people mentioned in the list are still alive. Deborah Jean Christiansen is the latest in the list that is proved to be alive.

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