Voter Fraud in US Election? Tucker Carlson Reveals List of 25 Dead People He Says Voted in Election

The host of Fox News focused on Georgia as only 15,000 votes now separate Donald Trump and Biden and there will be a hand recount

The host of Fox News Tucker Carlson has claimed on Wednesday that voter fraud happened in the 2020 USD Presidential Election. He displayed a list to his prime-time audience containing 25 deceased people he stated had cast their votes this year.

"The position of corporate media across the country this week has been very simple: there was no voter fraud. You're hearing virtually the same thing from everyone in the media. Everyone," Carlson said. The dead people that he listed included residents from states like Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. The races in Nevada and Pennsylvania were called for Democrat candidate Joe Biden and he can also carry Georgia.

Carlson focused on Georgia as only 15,000 votes now separate Donald Trump and Biden and there will be a hand recount. He said that among the votes the auditors will discover a valid cast by a woman named Deborah Jean Christiansen and it is going to be hard to find anyone who will speak badly about her. She was known in her community as a bird watcher, an avid gardener, and also a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs.

Carlson Claims Voter Fraud

Biden vs Trump
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"Those who knew her were sad when she died last May and they might be surprised to learn that even after her death, Deborah Jean Christiansen still managed to register to vote and then cast a ballot, presumably for Joe Biden," Carlson said as reported by the Newsweek. "In some ways, it's an inspiring story. The triumph of voting over death," Carlson added about another allegedly dead voter from Georgia named James Blalock who was a mailman. Carlson added in the case of Blalock voting from the grave was not a fraud but was a commitment.

His claims come as Trump is mounting legal challenges to the results in some of the states amidst no proper allegations of voter fraud. There have been no evidence of voters fraud till now and no proof of Carlson's claim that dead people cast ballots in few states including Pennsylvania. The Fox News host had claimed that almost 3,000 potentially dead stayed on the voter rolls there, as per a December 2019 report.

The City Commissioner of Philadelphia Al Schmidt, who is a Republican, did not agree with the idea. "I have seen the most fantastical things on social media, making completely ridiculous allegations that have no basis in fact at all and seen them spread," Schmidt told CNN.

A report by AP noted that claims of the dead people voting come up at every election but as per experts there is no evidence. But Carlson used the not yet proven allegations that the dead people voted to criticize the voting by mail. "They are dead, but they voted anyway. The question is, how did they do that? How exactly did they cast their ballots?" Carlson stated. And the short answer is, by mail. Dead people tend to vote more often when you make it easier for them to vote. They are like any other group. And this year we made it much easier for the dead to vote," he added.

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