Death Is a Trap Which Is Distressing, Says NDE Victim Recollecting Horrible Experiences

Unlike other near-death experience moments, Nathan called his final moments distressing and disturbing

Spiritualists have long been claiming that life is not confined to the physical world, as humans will continue their journey in another realm after death. To substantiate these theories, spiritualists often cite the examples of people who have reached the verge of death during life-threatening events.

Most of the near-death experience testimonials shared by these people suggest that death is a pleasant process. However, Nathan, a near-death experience victim claims that death is not exclusively a pleasant experience, as it has moments of distress too.

Near-Death Experience Following Drowning

Nathan reached the mouth of death during drowning, and he recently shared his memories during these moments on the NDERF website. In the testimonial, Nathan claimed to have seen dark figures, and he later figured out that these were giant trees.

near death experience
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"When I finally got to one of the tall people, I realized that they were a giant tree. I turned and ran to the others, and they were trees too. I feel like I ran back and forth between them for years before I made a forest. I felt like an animal, sprinting on all fours, trapped in the metal cage that was my body. I felt like I forgot who I was and I was just desperate to get out of this forest now," wrote Nathan on the NDERF website.

According to Nathan, his final moments were both pleasant and distressing. Unlike other NDE victims who saw a bright tunnel, Nathan witnessed darkness, and his moments were terrifying.

Nathan added that his thoughts were sped up during these moments, and he felt more conscious than before.

Death Mystery Decoded

Sam Parnia is a world-famous doctor who has been studying near-death experiences for several years. According to Parnia, death is not a black and white moment but is a pleasant process. Sam Parnia has several times assured that there is no afterlife, and human life will end when the brain stops functioning.

During the time of death, the human brain will adopt a survival trick to combat the decreased oxygen supply, and this phenomenon is resulting in this visual hallucination.