Death threats lead Epstein's former girlfriend to secure protection from Former Navy SEALs

Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the disgraced tycoon Robert Maxwell, is using protection from former Navy SEALs after facing death threats

Former girlfriend of convicted paedophile Jeffery Epstein is being guarded by former US Navy SEALs for the safety of her life, said unnamed sources in tabloids. After receiving death threats the woman has been shutting across Mid-west America in fear. According to the sources in tabloids, she is being given safe houses in several countries including Israel.

Ghislaine Maxwell is said to be a part of the principal investigation by FBI which focuses on Epstein's relationship with Prince Andrew, the Duke of York. While Maxwell has not been charged with any criminal wrongdoing, she was said to be the fixer of madam in most of the cases.

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts Giuffre, along with Ghislaine Maxwell. Florida Southern District Court

'She moves constantly'

Maxwell's lawyers declined to comment to the media outlets regarding her moving around constantly. Sources revealed to the Mail that she is frustrated and believes that she didn't do anything wrong. She also believes everyone is spewing lies about her.

Last month the allegations by Virginia Roberts on Prince Andrew has created a complicated step in the Epstein case. The Duke of York has been begging Maxwell to help clear his name while she has denied doing so. She decided on the same after careful consideration. According to sources in The Mail, 'Ghislaine is prepared to face it in a court of law but not in the court of the media or Twitter. She has a story to tell and she will tell it when the time is right.'

The source also said that she is trying to hide from the death threats which is causing her a fortune. Presently, she is said to be in Israel and that she travels to the UK constantly. Previously there have been comments about her being in safe places that are supported by her wealthy string of friends in Israel and other countries, the source debunked these claims.