Prince Andrew smuggled masseuse into Buckingham Palace bedroom - Report

Masseuse Monique Giannellon was taken straight to the bedroom of the prince, where Andrew lay naked under wraps.

More skeletons are tumbling out from Prince Andrew's closets. The Daily Mail reported exclusively on Thursday that the embattled prince had 'smuggled' a lady massage therapist into his Buckingham Palace bedroom in 2000. The paper adds that the secret assignment to the professional masseuse had triggered a security alarm at the palace.

Monique Giannellon, who was invited by the prince's personal staff, said she was not subjected to any background checks before she was allowed into the palace. The masseuse was taken straight to the bedroom of the prince, where Andrew lay naked under wraps.

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts Giuffre, along with Ghislaine Maxwell. Florida Southern District Court

Ghislaine Maxwell introduced massage therapist

More interestingly, the therapist has revealed that it was socialite Ghislaine Maxwell who introduced her to Andrew. Maxwell was the close associate financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The US financier died in prison in August after he was exposed as a paedophile. Prince Andrew was one of the most high-profile people in Epstein's inner circle.

The UK royal playboy landed in further mess after a BBC interview in which he fumbled for answers on his ties with the American paedophile. Andrew, whose marriage with Sarah Ferguson in the 1980s had hogged international limelight, is now getting even more attention after the botched Epstein interview.

During the interview, Andrew categorically claimed that he did not have sex with the underage girl Virginia Roberts who was introduced to him by Maxwell at Epstein's place.

Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein Twitter/Jeffrey Epstein

'It was so easy to get into the palace'

Giannellon revealed that she wasn't searched while she arrived at the Buckingham palace. She was also not asked to sign in the register but the aides asked for her car registration number. "It was so easy to get into the palace and it troubled me because I could have been anyone. I didn't know Andrew and never met anyone from the royal household. Nobody knew me. I wasn't spoken to by a Royal Protection officer or asked any questions at all. Nobody checked my bag when I arrived or when I left. I certainly expected more stringent security checks,' she said, according to Daily Mail.