Is death a pleasant experience? NDE victim who clinically died claims it is distressing and pleasant

Another NDE victim had recently claimed that he saw a heavenly entity while being at the verge of death

The phenomenon of death has been perplexing human minds since the day we achieved consciousness. Religious believers argue that death is just one phase in life, and humans start their journey in the form of spiritual beings after taking their last breath. However, medical experts assure that death is the end of everything, and human consciousness also ceases once the brain stops functioning.

NDE mystery continues

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In order to substantiate the concept of life after death, spiritualists cite experiences of NDE (Near-Death Experience) victims who usually claim to have seen bright tunnels of light when they were clinically dead. Most of these NDE victims have revealed that death is a pleasant experience, and they used to enter a heavenly realm during these moments.

However, a testimonial shared by a woman named Perry D on the NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) website states that death is a both distressing and pleasant experience. In the testimonial, the NDE victim claimed that she felt this mindblowing experience when she died for some moments following cold water drowning.

"After losing consciousness while drowning, I only saw darkness and couldn't hear much of anything. I felt as if I were fading away. I was no longer attached to my body or anything else. It felt like I was floating in nothingness. My friend pulled me out of the water and immediately started performing CPR. At some point, I slowly started to regain an attachment to my body. I could hear him saying, 'I'm never going to give up on you!' Although, I could still not feel any body sensations," wrote Perry on the NDERF website.

Perry also added that her thoughts, during the time of NDE speeded up in a very distressing manner.

The unusual NDE of Tammi

A few days back, a man named Tammi had shared his mindblowing near-death experience testimony on the NDERF website. Tammi claimed that he saw a heavenly entity during the near-death experience. However, the NDE victim is not sure whether the entity he saw is God.