Dead Lizard Found Inside Snack at Popular Food Outlet in India, Under Investigation by Health Department [VIDEO]

A popular food outlet in India's Rajasthan has become the subject of an investigation by the health department after a customer complained that he found a dead lizard while eating a snack at the eatery.

Jaipur's Health Department collected samples of a kachori (a fried snack) from Rawat Kachori – an establishment famous for its kachoris - after the customer filed a complaint with the chief medical health officer.

dead lizard found in kachori
The alleged dead lizard found inside the kachori by the customer. Twitter

'You Can See Its Bone'

Video footage of the customer's shocking discovery has now gone viral on social media. In the clip, the customer can be seen showing the dead lizard that he allegedly found in his snack to an employee over the counter.

The employee is then seen examining the evidence presented to him. "I have found a lizard in the kachori, you can see its bone as well," the customer can be heard saying in Hindi, as reported by local news outlet Times of India.

"We have received a complaint about a lizard found in a kachori. Our teams reached the shop and conducted an investigation. We have collected samples of kachories from there," said Dr. Narottam Sharma, Jaipur's Chief Medical Health Officer. The samples will be sent to the lab for testing.

Food Outlet Denies Allegations, Claims Customer is Blackmailing Them

The food outlet has denied the allegations, claiming the customer is trying to blackmail them. "The person is demanding Rs 1 lakh (USD 1280). First, it is not a lizard. It looks like something else. Second, it was placed by the customer himself. How can a lizard be found when we fill grinded stuffing. We will take legal action against the customer and file a case against him," Shankar Lal Bishnoi, manager of the shop told the Times of India.