Danyal Hussein: British Teen Signed 'Blood Pact With Devil' to Kill Two Sisters and Win Jackpot

Danyal Hussein, 19, had signed two pacts with devils and promised to kill at least six women every six months!

British teenager Danyal Hussein had allegedly made a pact with devil to gain wealth and power. He had promised the devil to kill at least six women every six months to win the jackpot lottery. The 19-year-old man's pact with devil was revealed during his murder trial.

Hussein was arrested on charges of killing two sisters Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27 at a park in London in June 2021. Henry, a social worker and Smallman, a photographer were celebrating Henry's birthday in the park when Hussein stabbed them to death.

Butcher's knife
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Contract with 'Lucifuge Rofocale'

The Sun reported that a copy of Hussein's deal with the devil, signed in blood, was presented to the jurors during the trial. Hussein is said to have signed an agreement with Lucifuge Rofocale, allegedly referred as the prime minister of hell. Hussein had promised to perform a minimum of six sacrifices every six months for as long as he was free and physically capable, stated the document.

In return, he had asked the devil to make him "win the Mega Millions Super Jackpot," and to be rewarded with "wealth and power." He had also requested Rofocale to make sure that he is never suspected of the crimes by the police. His promises to Rofocale also included killing women, building a temple for him and to do everything that he had promised so far.

Police had found another blood contract Hussein had made with demonology's Queen Byleth. Hussein had sought to make him more attractive to women romantically in exchange of blood. The demon is said to have sought incense, sweet drink, chocolate, red candles and more of the suspect's blood, according to the contract.

How Did Cops Trace the Culprit?

Police stated that they had found the blood of the third person all over the murder scene. Investigators said that Hussein, after the murder, had visited a hospital for treatment of injuries he suffered during the murders. He had told doctors that he was mugged.

However, when asked for a blood sample, he had refused to let them draw blood. Given that the cops had found a third person's blood at the crime scene, they started started looking for the person who had purchased the knife [used in killings] in the surrounding areas. One of the probing officers found the footage of a man buying knives in Asda supermarket a couple of days before the killings. Cops also found that Hussein had returned home, situated near the park, at 4 AM on the fatal night.

Even though he had refused to give blood for testing, investigators matched his DNA by swabbing his injured cheeks. Later police also found through Hussein's bank records that he had bought multiple lottery tickets in the days following the killings. Reports claimed that when cops presented the court his DNA samples, Hussein looked shocked.