Dallas Police Officer Fired After He Was Caught on Camera Repeatedly Punching Man During Arrest Last Summer

A Dallas police officer has been fired after he was caught on video assaulting a man during an arrest in Deep Ellum last year.The firing came following an internal investigation into the incident.

Senior Cpl. Melvin Williams, 40, had been on paid administrative leave after video footage of the July 18 incident was circulated on social media in the weeks that followed.

Video Footage Showed Williams Repeatedly Punching the Man

Melvin Williams
Dallas police officer Melvin Williams and a still from the video that went viral last July. Twitter

The clip showed Williams and other officers trying to break up a brawl. Williams is heard telling a man to move away from the officers detaining people.

"Back up, back up, back your ass up," Williams says while pushing the man away. "Get off the [expletive] street."

The camera then briefly cuts away from the pair. When it pans toward the other side of the street, Williams can be seen shoving the man into a post before straddling him and punching him several times. Many of the punches connect with the man's face. Two officers then pull Williams away from the man.

Watch the video below:

Williams was Already Under Two Other Use-of-Force Investigations

Williams also faces a misdemeanor assault charge in connection with the case and was already under two separate use-of-force investigations when the encounter took place - both of which stemming from the downtown Dallas protests that broke out after a Minneapolis police officer murdered George Floyd in May 2020.

Police Chief Eddie García decided on Williams' disciplinary action Tuesday, a department spokesman said. García declined to elaborate, saying his decision "speaks for itself."

Williams, who had been on the force since 2006, has a right to appeal his termination under civil-service rules.

Robert Rogers, Williams' attorney, said his client was placed in a difficult situation trying to break up the brawl. "He used lawful force in dealing with a combative suspect," Rogers said in a written statement obtained by The Dallas Morning News. "I look forward to clearing his name through the judicial and civil appeal process."