Czech hospital shooter still at large after killing six and injuring two in Ostrava

The shooter is still at large and the police has tightened the security across the country

A shooting that took place early on Tuesday morning in the Ostrava City Hospital in the Czech Republic, killed six while seriously injuring two. The attack took place at 7 AM local time and the police evacuated the hospital immediately and are searching for the attacker. The TV reported that the man wearing a causal red jacket is 180 cm tall.

Initially, the Czech police published a picture of the possible suspect on Twitter. The man had receding ginger hair. But, this man was an important witness and not the suspect. A video was released of the police arresting a man, but it is not confirmed whether this is the suspect.

The police boosted security across the country while searching for this man. Earlier reports said the deaths were at four but the health minister Adam Vojtech said that the fatalities of the incident had risen to six.

"There is a regional police intervention unit and a rapid deployment unit. Unfortunately, the attack claimed several lives," said Interior Minister Jan Hamacek, reported Ceska Televize. Witnesses said that the shooting took place in the emergency room of the hospital. The Prime Minister Andrej Babis told Czech public television that the shooting took place in a waiting room where the shooter fired at a close range. The Czech PM said that victims were shot in their heads.

The DNES reported that the shooting occurred in the trauma ward of the hospital, which is located in the industrial city east of Prague and closer to the Polish border. The Technical University of Ostrava posted on its Facebook page that a shooter was at large and the entrances to the premises are shut.