Cydia creator Jay Freeman confirms Cydia, Substrate under works for new iOS 11 jailbreak

jay saurik freeman
Cydia creator Jay Freeman, better known in the jailbreak community as "Saurik" Jay Freeman/Twitter

In the wave of backlash the Cydia creator has faced, including the accusation of withholding the much-anticipated Cydia update, Jay "Saurik" Freeman has finally spoken and revealed that he is now working with fellow developers from past jailbreaks. This is intended for the new iOS 11 jailbreak to deliver a fully working Cydia and Substrate.

Freeman has been caught in the crosshairs for quite some time now after he took a break from the jailbreak scene, leaving some fans in the air as to what will happen next. Being considered the "godfather of jailbreaking", many members of the community are hoping that he would continue to provide Cydia updates despite him keeping it low.

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In the previous week, Freeman first divulged that he has been working on an iOS 11 jailbreak. Another recent announcement came out on Reddit, informing that they are working to "make stuff work" on iOS 11. Although he did name who he is working at the moment, Freeman has promised to build a robust and resilient iOS 11 jailbreak before releasing it.

"I've been working with some of the people from past jailbreaks (the people who actually exploit things and like me) on the more interesting parts of making stuff work on iOS 11 (though need to verify with them whether they want to be called out by name), and am trying to make sure that everything is 100% solid: I want it to work every single time in every single situation."He has stressed that Cydia is open source, which means issues can be fixed by whoever is in the position to solve them, unlike what many people believe that only Freeman has the full control over it.

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An iPhone 8 (L) and an iPhone 8 Plus are displayed during a launch event in Cupertino, California, US 12 September 2017 Stephen Lam/Reuters

As for the Cydia Substrate, efforts have been done to pull it off. Here is what he said:

"I'm actually allocating a bunch of time towards Substrate updates (which may or may not have anything to do with what people keep calling "KPPless", as that's really a spectrum; some of the jailbreaks I've been testing Substrate on going much further than these ones do)."

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"I also essentially have a guarantee out to the old jailbreakers (all of whom I loved) "if you need me to port Substrate to iOS 11, give me SSH access to a device and I'll do it", and I've had two requests for that in the past month or two (though in one case no jailbreak was involved ;P)."

"There is actually a possibility that I will be providing some kind of compromise solution (such as "here is the new Substrate for iOS 11 and an updated build of Eraser, but I'm retiring everything else") instead of bothering with a complete port of everything, but that would feel a lot better if I was handing this off to different people, and it turns out that the public tools people are using are even worse compromises than the ones I've been testing my stuff against (which makes me feel like I should spend some time to fix those parts)."

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Jailbreak enthusiasts have been so pumped recently, thanks to the release of the h3lix jailbreak for 32-bit devices running iOS 10.3.3 and the LiberiOS and to.panga for iOS 11.1.2. Given the role of Cydia in the whole jailbreak landscape, people have been dissatisfied over Freeman's efforts; thus, he went out on forums to clarify a few things.

"Cydia Installer (which is what this pissy readme file is about, not Substrate) is open source, so anytime you see someone complaining about Cydia who isn't also providing patches to fix the things they don't like, they are probably just enjoying trolling," writes Freeman.

This article was first published on December 28, 2017