iOS 11 jailbreak by Cydia confirmed under works

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Despite him partially turning back from the jailbreak scene recently, Cydia creator Jay "Saurik" Freeman has proven that he will forever be the irreplaceable father of the community. In his latest revelation, Freeman has confirmed that he has been working on iOS 11 jailbreak.

After taking a few months of hiatus, Freeman has made an honest-to-goodness announcement of what he has been doing all this time. On Tuesday, December 19, he took his concerns to Reddit to reveal that he is working on Cydia support for the upcoming iOS 11 jailbreak.

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Freeman's revelation stemmed from a comment accusing him of monopolising the iOS jailbreak landscape after buying Rock, a Cydia alternative.

"Saurik had an absolute monopoly here. He didn't need to improve Cydia to keep people happy, since their only choice is Cydia. They couldn't switch to anything else," reads the Reddit post. "That's why since 2010 Cydia hasn't seen any major improvements, new features, redesign, or anything new really. The only updates Cydia has seen are small incremental updates to make Cydia work on iOS 10, and nothing else."

In response to the accusation, Freeman spilt the beans, detailing how Cydia has contributed to his career and to his life as a whole.

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"I never made "millions" and I currently lose a lot of money each month on Cydia. I now have a "day job" where I spend a bunch of my earnings to pay for it (which I then have to balance with Cydia work)," writes Freeman, adding that Cydia for iOS 11 jailbreak is underway.

jay saurik freeman
Cydia creator Jay Freeman, better known in the jailbreak community as "Saurik" Jay Freeman/Twitter

"I am working on the iOS 11 updates even so, because despite people like you always trying to dispell people from thanking me for my efforts, I have managed to maintain my passion for the concept of jailbreaking as I truly believe in the concept."

The iOS jailbreak community on Reddit was divided by the debate, causing a lot of raucous. Even so, many have shown Freeman of their gratefulness that Cydia exists. As to when the community can expect the Cydia support for iOS 11, Freeman has not given details yet.

This article was first published on December 19, 2017