The curse, pedophilia charge and the paranormal: Goblin potboiler gets record high rating

Episode 5 and 6 showed the growing closeness between Kim Shim and Eun Tak and achieved 12.9 percent ratings overall.

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We have already reported that Goong Yoo's latest drama Goblin has dethroned other top Korean dramas like "The Legend Of The Blue Sea" "Moonlight Drawn by Clouds" and "Descendants Of The Sun," to top the rating charts.

The show portrays the romance between a high school girl, played by Kim Go Eun and Goblin, an adult male in his 30s played by Gong Yoo. Also known as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, the series narrates the story of a Joseon warrior Kim Shin and his curse for an eternal life. To break the 900-year old quest, he needs the help of a human bride Ji Eun Tak.

With record-breaking premiere ratings in tvN's history, the first episode hit a rating of 6.9 percent and a best of 9.3 percent. This week, the episode 5 and 6 showed the growing closeness between Kim Shim and Eun Tak—achieving achieved 12.9 percent ratings overall, according to Nielsen Korea. The episodes showed the lead actors preparing to remove the sword. However, the sword mysteriously vanishes. Later, Eun Tak takes the cue from the fairy tale stories to register the first kiss.

The writers also thrashed the pedophile comments with the story taking a time lapse and Eun Tak is no more the awkward high-school student but a working professional. But she also seems to have lost her ability to see supernatural things. In a shocking turn of events, the preview of episode 7 showed the lover sharing some cute moment but the bus that Eun Tak takes to meet with an accident.

Goblin is stunned to see the crash, fans have already gone frenzy over the tragedy highlight. Fans have expressed their concern on the social media over the plot, they have also requested the writers not to spoil the progressing storyline with a tragedy.

Meanwhile, Goblin's latest OST 'Beautiful' by Crush, which was released on December 17, has received the top spot instantly. It has been ranked number one on music charts overtaking Melon, Mnet, Olleh Music, Bugs, Genie, Monkey3, and Naver Music. Though the OST was played right from episode 1, the complete song has just been released.

This article was first published on December 19, 2016