Gong Yoo's Goblin under fire for promoting pedophilia

Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun are the lead pair in Goblin.

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Goblin (Youtube)

Goblin might have dethroned other Korean dramas like "The Legend Of The Blue Sea" and "Descendants Of The Sun," but it looks like netizens are not really happy with the romance portrayed between a high school girl, played by Kim Go Eun and Goblin, an adult male in his 30s, played by Gong Yoo.

Some fans even feel that the show in indirectly promoting pedophilia to viewers.

A report published in All Kpop, described that though fans are really excited with the refreshing storyline, the Lolita angle to the story has not really gone well with the audience. The 16-episode tvN drama has already aired four chapters and we also hear that netizens are posting on show's official website asking the writer to reconsider the love angle between the two characters. They even claim that the dialogues between Yoo and Kim are uncomfortable to watch. Viewers have also expressed their disappointment over Kim's character which they feel is "simply too childish."

On the other hand, Goblin has doubled its rating in the second week, thrashing all the previous records set by Korean dramas. In the first week itself, its replaced Lee Min Ho's Legend of the Blue Sea, giving other Hallyu actors a run for their money. There are even rumors that few American producers are eyeing the remake rights of the drama for an American version. Big names like Keanu Reeves are linked with the project. Interestingly, Gong Yoo's recent release Train To Busan has already made its way into Hollywood.

The promo of the Friday episode shows Kim trying to pull the sword from Yoo's body, a task only which she can do. The promo has left fans wondering whether Yoo's character is going to have its end. However, the spoilers show that Kim will be able to pull the sword only by becoming Goblin's bride or wife so that she can end Yoo's immortal life for 900 years.

Though South Korea has excelled in the art of filmmaking, viewers are still conservative and orthodox about certain thoughts. And definitely, the Lolita concept might not go well with the viewers.

This article was first published on December 16, 2016