Cumberland Mall Shooting: Child, Man Shot Outside Shopping Complex in Georgia

Two people were injured in a shooting at the Cumberland mall in Cobb County, Georgia, police said. Those injured in the shooting on Tuesday evening are an adult and a child. The incident happened even as the country was reeling from the Boulder grocery store massacre in Colorado.

Police said the shooting appears to be the result of a confrontation between at least two parties in separate vehicles. The suspects fled the scene before the police arrived and an investigation is underway to nab the shooter.

Meanwhile, the police have blocked off a portion of the parking lot. Police further said that everyone involved in the incident hopped into separate cars and fled the scene. The description of the vehicles and the suspects inside couldn't be identified immediately.

Cumberland Mall Shooting
Cumberland mall shooting leaves 2 injured Web Screen Grab

Police said the child suffered a gunshot wound to his leg whereas the adult was injured in the foot. Aerial view of the gun incident shows the child victim covered in blood. Three persons stood by the child sitting on the curb to give him support while one was spotted putting pressure on his injury to stop the bleeding until medical help arrived.

The shooting at the Cobb County Mall takes place just hours after the Boulder shooting, which claimed the lives of 10 people including one police officer Eric Talley, a 51-year-old cop who had arrived at the scene to rescue the people at the carnage site.

The shooter of the Boulder mass shooting has been identified to be 21-year-old Ahmad Al-Issa, whose identity was well known to federal officials for his links to an FBI investigation. It has been revealed that the shooter hailed from Syria seeking refuge from the war-torn country and became a naturalized US citizen.

Mass Shootings in 2021

This year, seven mass shooting incidents have been reported with four or more killed, including the Boulder grocery store carnage in Colorado on Monday and spa shootings in Georgia, which claimed the lives of six Asian American women.