'Crypto Godfather' Predicts Dogecoin will Reach $1 in the Next Bull Run, Gives no Explanation!

Elon Musk's favorite meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin is touted to reach the $1 mark but nobody knows when. However, speculations are rife on social media that Doge would dust itself from the crypto market crash and hit the magic number in the next bull run.

So when is the next bull run? Nobody knows either. Despite the markets being so volatile and hard to predict, Twitter and Reddit are full of self-acclaimed gurus putting across predictions like it's the Gospel truth. Gullible investors, in millions, fall for the trick only to realize that the market has its own way of teaching everyone their lesson, sometimes hard learned.

Dogecoin Cryptocurrency
Twitter / Dogecoin

Now that the crypto market is seeing glimpses of green since a few days after suffering from a brutal crash since May to June, investors are hoping to see a bull run, making their investments reach 'to the moon' as promised but nobody knows if that could happen either.

The latest in the crypto world's prediction comes from the 'Crypto Godfather' who tweeted several coins to reach magic numbers in the next bull run and again retweeted the same to prove the point that the sun would rise making people's investment portfolio to shine.

''Next bull run: $BTC: $100,000 $ETH: $10,000 $BNB: $1,200 $ADA: $3.50 $DOGE: $1 $XRP: $2.50 $DOT: $75 $LTC: $700 $LINK: $75 Don't question. Just Like & RT,'' tweeted the Crypto Godfather with no explanation backing the numbers that are predicted.

Crypto Godfather enjoys close to 80,000 followers who closely watch and believe every prediction and moves. The account is just one among the thousands of other accounts on social media with a large following who blindly follow predictions thrown out of thin air and investors, with no second thought pump in their money because 'hey, its said on social media right?'.

The cryptocurrency market has seen a lot of young investors pumping in their money by seeing social media posts and videos of celebrities and investors promising them 'the moon' but it is advised to do your own research about the market conditions and the coin, than fall prey to social media predictions. At the end of the day, it is your hard-earned money after all!