Crowd Cheered 'F–k him up!' as Bronx Man Put NYPD Cop in Chokehold and Slammed Him on Floor - VIDEO

  • While the gang member identified as Wisnel Manzueta had the NYPD officer in a headlock, the crowd taunted 'You just got smoked, p***y!'

  • Though Manzueta was arrested, no charges were framed against him initially

A rather wild video that has raised concerns over the safety of police officers is doing the round that shows a man putting a New York City Police officer in a headlock and slamming him on the floor, while a crowd of spectators cheered on saying 'F-K Him Up, F-K Him Up.'

The video clip was shot on July 1 during a scuffle between NYPD officers and a man, who allegedly is a gang member. As per reports, the officers spotted a car illegally parked before a fire hydrant in the Bronx.

Bronx man puts NYPD cop in headlock
Bronx man puts NYPD cop in headlock Twitter/@SBANYPD

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The police officers asked the driver of the car, identified as Franklin Adrian to move the vehicle away. Despite repeated requests, the gang members refused to move the parked vehicle away from the hydrant, forcing the NYPD officers to issue a parking summons.

Warning: Disturbing Video

Adrian then resisted, when the officers tried to place him under arrest. The officers were soon surrounded by several onlookers, who shouted and harassed them. Meanwhile, as one officer tried to arrest Adrian, the assailant Wisnel Manzueta, 29, approached the other officer despite the repeated warning to stay.

Bronx man puts NYPD cop in headlock

Manzueta then punched the officer several times on the face and head, before proceeding to put him in a chokehold and at one point even slamming him on the ground. Manzueta first knocked off the body cam of the police officer, before he assaulted him.

Even as Manzueta continued to assault the officer, the crowd kept cheering him saying "F-K Him Up, F-K Him Up." While the man filming the video can be heard saying, "You just got smoked, p***y!"

According to CBS New York, the officer was punched and suffered abrasions and lacerations on the face and skull.

Bronx man puts NYPD cop in headlock

The incident has angered the police association as a new law has outlawed chokehold and police officers in New York state can now be arrested for placing a suspect in a headlock.

The president of the New York Sergeants Benevolent Association, Ed Mullins told Fox News' America's News Room that crime was taking over the streets of New York.

Calling the incident "disgusting" Mullins urged the public to think of what such elements are capable of if they can do "that to a uniformed police officer....what will they do to you?"

The "headlocker" Manzueta though later turned himself to the police a week later, no charges were framed against him as his lawyer defended his client on basis that there was no proof why the officer lunged him his client.

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