CREO introduces Mark 1 customised Android phone; promises a new feature every month

CREO, the makers of Tewee, has released a teaser introducing a new device that will remain like new with new features every month

While the rivals are still fighting a spec war, CREO, an Indian tech company, has teased a new device called Mark 1 which will come with a custom version of Android.

CREO says its Mark 1 runs a fork of Android built in house to deliver the best user experience.

CREO plans to launch a new feature every moth for the device, keeping the phone running like new over and over again. It was reported in January that CREO had secured a $3 million funding from Sequoia India, Beenext Ventures and India Quotient to produce smartphones and develop a proprietary software OS.

At CREO, we're committed to #MakeBetter Android. And because we want to leave no stone unturned, we're building both, the Operating System and the smartphone. With our OS we'll send you relevant updates that shall keep your phone running just as new as the first time you held it. And not just that, we'll also ship a big new feature with every update.

CREO has not yet revealed the specs or other details about their Mark 1 smartphone and their new Operating System. However the device looks stunning with rounded edged and circular touch sensitive buttons. Have a look at the teaser released by the company.

The teaser reveals the metal body, along with the title #ANewPhoneEveryMonth, the company promises to roll out a new feature every month through OTA update, inspired by suggestions from its community of users.

As per CREO, the major issue these days is that smartphones do not get proper updates and in most cases users are not even aware of updates. The study on OEMs also goes on to reveal that most brands (95%) are only customizing the software at the UI level, which is cosmetic and affects only the OS' appearance.

So, it will be extremely interesting see what CREO has to offer as currently the specs are not out yet and so is the actual release date. However, this looks pretty exciting and a different approach altogether.