Creative Thai Cosplay Artist's Depictions of BLACKPINK's Lisa Are Making KPop Fans Go Crazy

Cosplayer Anucha "Cha" Saengchart took inspiration from BLACKPINK's Lisa's performance of Classy Savage and here is he how presented it!

A popular cosplay artist from Thailand is in news for depicting KPOP idol BLACKPINK Lisa's style with household items. The artist is known by the online name 'Low Cost Cosplay'. His Instagram and Facebook profiles have huge number of subscribers, including Lisa fans.

The artist's name is Anucha "Cha" Saengchart and his creativity has impressed people as he shoots his cosplay pictures with minimal, daily-use items. You can see a variety of creations from Goku of Dragon Ball Z to Frodo of Lord of the Rings in his profile.

Thailand's cosplay artist depicted BLACKPIN Lisa's style in his recent work. Instagram

It looks like he is a fan of Lisa and has been depicting her style over the years through his cosplay images. His latest depiction of Lisa is her style from Kingdom: Legendary War dance show. Lisa had performed for the single Classy Savage along with iKON KPOP boy band. Lisa was seen wearing a gold outfit including a head gear.

So, this time the artist drew inspiration from Lisa's headgear from the performance and found its 'replica' in his kitchen. Here is how the process goes from finding the material to wearing it to perfection.

Artist's Love for Lisa's Style

Earlier too he had used various pictures of Lisa for his cosplay sessions. The artist was seen using an apple to depict Lisa's hairstyle. When Lisa had sported long curly hairs, he used noodles to depict the style. Believe it or not, to show Lisa's outfit in the single How You Like That, he used a cat! From using a blanket to sprout beans, here is how the artist tried to match Lisa's style. It can also be noted that he has also depicted BLACKPINK's Rose, G-Dragon's green hairstyle and Nam Joo Hyuk's green jerkin in his cosplay images.

Cha Saengchart is from Thailand and has been posting cosplay images on social media for eight years now. He published his first post in 2013 by depicting Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z. His cosplays also includes Keanu Reeve's character, Johnny Silverhand, in Cyberpunk 2077, Donald Trump's hairstyle, dogecoin logo, Penniwise and more.

Cha Saengchart has been credited with making cosplay easy. Usually, people take days or even months to get a perfect cosplay image. Cosplay is also considered a costly affair as it needs costumes, props and make-up to get dressed. But this artist from Thailand has shown that cosplay can also be cost-effective and affordable. Currently, he has 1.1 million subscribers on Instagram and 5.9 million followers on Facebook.