Crazy Yoga trends which are surprisingly beneficial

Breaking the conservative cliches, several modern Yoga types including nude yoga, acrobatic yoga, animal yoga, aqua yoga and beer yoga are gaining more popularity in western countries


Yoga, the Vedic practice which connects the mind, body, and soul through different body postures, meditations and breathing techniques, is gaining more and more popularity in every corner of the world. The origins of yoga are believed to date back to pre-Vedic Indian traditions. However, following the success of Swami Vivekandan in the International platform, many yoga Gurus proclaimed the benefits of this practice among people in the Western countries.

Initially, yoga was considered as a fat-burning physical exercise among westerners, but later, people understood that it has a strong meditative and spiritual core. Relying upon the mental stability of yoga, many celebrities all around the world too started practicing the technique and this played a crucial role in enhancing its popularity among the general public.

In the course of time, yoga too underwent changes and has been an ever-evolving practice since it was introduced in the West. Even though, the basic poses and breathing techniques remain the same, innovative yoga gurus have incorporated live music, exotic locations, and animals to the practice which are likely to offer a soothing feel of freshness. Some of the most noted trends which are expected to rule the world of yoga are mentioned below.

Acrobatic Yoga

Acrobatic Yoga can be considered as the hottest form of yoga, as it involves two Yogi couples testing their fitness and endurance. Known also as partner yoga among the general public, this practice helps the yogi duo to improve their mind-body connection and it is undoubtedly the healthiest way by which you can spend some quality time with your loved one.

This combination is widely considered as the best stress-busting practice which a person can embrace. In addition, it also helps to build intimacy between the partners involved.

Beer Yoga

Crazy things happen everywhere, and the world of Yoga is no different. A new type of Yoga named 'Beer Yoga' has been gaining immense popularity in the western countries for the past few months. Beer Yoga fans in the UK and Australia claim that this practice helps in blending joy of drinking an icy beer and the mindfulness of yoga.

Even though, traditional advocates of yoga are strong critics of 'Beer Yoga', innovative yoga practitioners like supports the changes coming up in this sector. Many of them believe that any kind of yoga is worthy if it provides that extra peace of mind to the people practicing.

However, the yogi should be very careful while doing Beer Yoga, as excessive drinking will make him high, and finally, performing the simplest position will turn out to be a hectic task.

Nude Yoga

The concept of nude yoga was there in ancient Indian books, and now, it has grabbed the attention of western people. Many yoga experts claim that nude yoga is very much beneficial than other forms of the practice as it allows the users to stay focused and connect directly to nature without any hinderances.

Nude yoga is also known for increasing the self-esteem of the practitioner, as it makes them acknowledge their body, thus boosting the respect towards it.

Animal Yoga

This is undoubtedly the most surprising form of yoga which gained popularity in the recent days. Several videos have been updated in the YouTube by 'animal Yoga' practitioners, and most of them have fetched a decent number of views too. The concept of animal yoga may seem funny, but many of its practitioners claim that it will improve concentration, flexibility, and will strengthen the muscles.

Some of the most noted animals used in 'Animal Yoga' sessions are goats and dogs. While doing animal yoga, the yogi should balance the animal on their back or shoulders and should perform various yoga positions. Animal yoga fans also believe that it will build a cute relationship between them and their pet.

Aquatic Yoga

Aquatic yoga can be considered as the most beneficial form of yoga, and the reason is simple; the Yogi is performing the positions in water, the element capable to cleanse anything and everything. Moreover, the chances of getting injuries are also very less while performing Aqua yoga.

Experts believe that Aqua yoga is very much beneficial to relax your muscles, as the body bears very less weight while in water.