Crash Landing On You Star Son Ye Jin Reveals her Beauty Secret, Future Plans, and More

Crash Landing On You Star Son Ye Jin has revealed her beauty secrets with her fans in the Philippines on July 16. The actress also shared her plans during a virtual fan meeting organized by a telecommunication company called SMART. In the fan meeting, she even dished some details about her upcoming small-screen project Thirty-Nine.

The 39-year-old Korean actress became popular among K-drama fans across the globe through her appearance in the tvN romance Crash Landing On You. In the mini-series, she portrayed a South Korean chaebol named Yoon Se Ri, who falls in love with a North Korean soldier. The drama featured her onscreen romance with real-life partner Hyun Bin.

This is How Son Ye Jin Maintains her Beauty

The actress revealed that she exercises regularly to stay healthy. According to her, it helps her maintain positive energy, and it also helps her feel young. The actress then said she would never give up on her workouts because it is a promise she made to herself. She believes that keeping a promise is a good manner.

Something In The Rain star then opened up about her hair beauty and said she depends on lots of treatment to maintain it. Though she is born with good hair, the actress has to indulge in treatments. Ye Jin said she puts in efforts for her skin also because she is not born with good skin.

About her favorite outfits, Ye Jin said she prefers to keep them simple and casual. Her favorite outfits are shirts and dresses. She feels comfortable in a white shirt and jeans.

Son Ye Jin
Korean actress Son Ye Jin will return to the small screen after a year through the upcoming JTBC drama Thirty-Nine. Instagram/Son Ye Jin

What are her Future Plans?

She wants to be active in the entertainment field at least for the next ten years. Her biggest dream is to appear onscreen with wrinkles and portray an old character. She would love to play a character similar to Judy Garland in the biographical film Judy portrayed by American actress Renee Zellweger.

The actress also dished about her comeback project Thirty Nine, an upcoming JTBC drama that revolves around the lives of three women. Ye Jin said she will join the project next month. In the mini-series, she will share screen space with Hospital Playlist star Jeon Mi Do, who will also appear in the drama in a lead role.

Thirty-Nine is a 12-episode-long romance drama that will revolve around a group of friends, who are about to celebrate their 40th birthday. In the mini-series, Ye Jin will portray a wealthy dermatologist who treats only rich and famous people. Screenwriter Yoo Young penned the script for this drama, and producing director Kim Sang Ho is directing it.