COVID-19 scare: Two passengers wrapped in plastic board flight [VIDEO]

Watch two passengers who boarded the flight in Australia wrap themselves up completely in plastic due to coronavirus scare, here are details of cases of coronavirus worldwide

A video of two passengers in a flight in Australia completely covered in plastic due to coronavirus scare is going viral. The video posted by a Twitter user Alyssa on her Twitter account is being shared widely on various social media platforms. The caption reads: "Currently behind me on the plane. When you super scared of #coronavirus #COVID2019."

The two passengers in the video boarded the flight in Australia not only covered the entire body but also used plastic hoodies to cover their face and head. They also had armholes and face masks. Though it was shared with funny comments, it is a proof how scared people are of the virus as the death toll is increasing day by day.

Coronavirus has taken more than 2,300 lives worldwide so far. There are at least 15 confirmed cases of Covid – 19 in Australia. All of them were directly or indirectly linked to Wuhan, the city in China where the virus spread from.

South Korea confirmed many cases in recent times

Covid video
Twitter alyssa

Meanwhile, there is a massive increase in the number of confirmed cases of the virus in South Korea. With 229 new confirmed cases on Saturday, the total number of people affected by the coronavirus in South Korea has risen to 433.

There were reports of the virus spreading in South Korea from Shincheonji church as a virus-infected woman identified as 'patient 311' had attended the service that was also attended by thousands of devotees in Daegu. Reports claim that nearly 10,000 members of Shincheonji cult members are kept in self-quarantine and at least 500 are undergoing tests for coronavirus.

Diamond Princess recorded more than 600 case

Apart from China, South Korea has the largest number of people affected by the virus. China has 76,288 confirmed cases and 2,345 deaths reported so far. The Diamond Princess cruise ship of Japan has recorded more than 600 cases. According to World Health Organization statistics, more than 1,200 cases have been confirmed in 26 countries (other than China) and at least eight deaths have been reported.

Italy has reported two deaths due to the virus with a woman resident of the northern region of Lombardy breathing her last. On February 20, a 78-year-old man became the first person to be the victim of Covid-19 in Italy. In Iran, 28 people have reportedly confirmed of being affected by the coronavirus.

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