COVID-19: Wuhan doctor who postponed wedding to keep working against coronavirus, dies

Peng Yinhua (29), was widely covered by Chinese media, after he postponed his marriage to keep working against the coronavirus epidemic

The deadly novel coronavirus, officially called Covid-19' claimed another victim -- a 29-year old doctor at a Wuhan hospital -- who died of the deadly virus, on Thursday, Feb. 20. Peng Yinhua, the doctor at Wuhan's First People's Hospital, first grabbed the spotlight, when he announced postponing his marriage, so as to keep working against coronavirus epidemic.

As of Thursday, mainland China reported 1,109 new confirmed cases, along with 118 fatalities, due to Covid-19 infection.

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He contracted the virus and was admitted to a hospital on Jan. 25. After his condition deteriorated on Jan. 30, he was shifted to the Jinyintan hospital in Wuhan for emergency treatment, Guardian reported. He died on Thursday at 9:50 pm.

According to China's heavily censored media, Yinhua wished to join the communist party. "Although I'm an ordinary doctor, I want to learn from those people who are very active, and plan to join the CPC. Led by the Party, we'll win this war without gunpowder," the doctor wrote on Weibo, Global Times reported.

Global Times

The disease outbreak was first reported in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei province. The first case was reported on Dec. 31 and was linked to Wuhan's local sea-food and wet market. After that, the number of cases multiplied significantly, with the disease spreading to other Chinese provinces, along with more than two dozen countries.

Doctors and other medical staff handling the burgeoning cases are highly susceptible of getting infected. Working 24/7, thus work over-load is another issue, the medical workers are faced with.

Novel Coronavirus outbreak: latest updates

On Thursday, mainland China reported 1,109 new confirmed, along with 118 fatalities. This has led to a surge in the total number of cases to reach 74,685, along with 2,236 fatalities.

China's hard-hit Hubei province, that has served as the epicenter of the virus outbreak, reported 631 confirmed cases and 115 fatalities. The numbers were revised from earlier, after 220 infections were confirmed in a prison, Global Times reported.

Global Times
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